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Career Questions tagged Meteorologist

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gabriel Sep 25 52 views

How long does it take to be a storm chaser?

it took someone 15 years.

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Roman Nov 10, 2022 313 views

Meteorologist challenges

What are some challenges that a meteorologist would face during a normal work week?

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Roman Nov 10, 2022 298 views

Day In the life

What does a day look like for a meteorologist? What kind of work is done before airing on television or before the start of a day?

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Jessica Jan 24, 2018 671 views

How do I know if my degree of choice is too difficult?

I am interested in studying meteorology in college. This is my senior year of high school and I am taking physics and calculus to prepare for the meteorology degree. However, I feel like I am struggling in calculus. I'm passing, but I realize that harder courses are coming, and they may...

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Jessica Jan 24, 2018 766 views

How should I choose the right job for me in the field of Meteorology?

I am interested in pursuing a meteorology degree in college. However, there is a wide range of jobs and applications in this field, and I don't know how to narrow my choices down. What jobs are there, how do they differ, and how do I know which one is for me? #meteorology #meteorologist...

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Devetra May 17, 2017 1338 views

What is the purpose of a green screen?

Always wanted to know #film-production #meteorologist

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Archana Jun 22, 2016 468 views

In which stream i should select in higher studies to become a meteorologist?

I want to become a meteorologist. But, I couldn't know to select my stream in higher studies. Please tell me which stream could i select? #meteorologist