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How to apply for the volunteering programme?

I am a 3rd year law student of an integrated 5 years law course which I am pursuing from an esteemed university in India. I wish to apply for the volunteering program, so how can i apply for it and what is the volunteer required to do. #law #volunteer #lawyer #graduate-school #college

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4 answers

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Rita’s Answer

You can upload your resume to Indeed.com or create a LinkedIn profile to start building your network. Search for legal internships available in your area. Paralegal services might also be a good area to get some experience before graduating. Good luck.

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Sergio’s Answer

Great question!

In these current COVID-19 lockdowns and precautionary scenarios, I recommend looking into the following list of 25 volunteer opportunities you can do from home. Hopefully this will get you started. Once society deems it ok to re-open again, you can broaden your spectrum and try new things. But this will help you make progress as soon as today:


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Suddhasattwa’s Answer

Hi Prerna,

That's quite a noble thought and a question too.

Well you can apply for a volunteering program in many ways:
- thru your law college and batchmates, pick up a good cause locally and serve towards it
- once you are in office soon, you can join their CSR initiative and be an active member of it
- help aspiring students who wants to study law or english speaking classes
- apart from law, i am sure you will have a hobby/passion so share that with those in need
- rather than donating money to some big charity raisers, its much better that you help someone you can meet and change their life
- during this lockdown period, you can do some online classes for under privileged children too

All the best,

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Katya’s Answer

Hi Prerna,you should do some research , many communities where you live do hav volunteer activities.

I recommend that you first ask your guidance counselor in your university and they should be bale to connect you to the volunteer work within your area as well as for your interest.

You should also do google search “ volunteer works around my area, or contact your local counsel members, city counsels, reach out to law firms and let them know that you would be interested in volunteering.

Please make sure you do have your profile set up on career web it’s- such as careerbuilder.com, indeed. Com, Glassdoor.com, LinkedIn and search for volunteer activities.

something else you want to consider is looking into virtual volunteering given the circumstances due to covid19. I personally, joined the virtual volunteering which gives an opportunity to mentor someone within your professional field-give advise based on your career, answer questions to the new students-this is something you probably will enjoy the most and also it will allow you to put your skills into practice.

If you are currently in school-talk to your guidance counselor and see if they can recommend you to mentor a freshmen within your school-it will allow you to connect and build network .

Good luck.