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jessica’s Avatar
jessica May 22, 2020 531 views

should I take AP spanish lang?

I can speak spanish and understand, but he problem is I can't write it and I have to write a 4 paragraph essay on the Ap test which I haven't achieved. I don't know what to do. What will the colleges say about my me not taking it? #college

murphy’s Avatar
murphy May 24, 2020 847 views

How do i get my first job?

i have little job experience, basically just work i've done around my house. i want to get a job but i'm not sure where to start. #job #job-search

Henry’s Avatar
Henry May 17, 2020 554 views

Are college English classes like high school english?


Prerna’s Avatar
Prerna May 16, 2020 565 views

How to apply for the volunteering programme?

I am a 3rd year law student of an integrated 5 years law course which I am pursuing from an esteemed university in India. I wish to apply for the volunteering program, so how can i apply for it and what is the volunteer required to do. #law #volunteer #lawyer #graduate-school #college

Nicholas’s Avatar
Nicholas Jan 16, 2018 529 views

What is working as a ET Nuke like?

I’ve really been looking into going into the Navy and trying to become a Electrical Technician in the Nuclear field after graduating college and was just wondering if anyone had experience working in or with someone in that field.

#military #nuclear-engineering

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia May 12, 2020 503 views

What is NROTC like in college?

I have an interest in temporarily joining the military after college. I also want to go to law school at some point. #college #military #law #navy

Jorden’s Avatar
Jorden May 15, 2020 464 views

which ASVAB test would I have to take in the army to be come a pilot???

I would like to know what test/how many test I would have to take #aviation #military

Bonnie’s Avatar
Bonnie Jan 21, 2018 632 views

What is a good school to continue my bachelors degree in medical billing after community college?

I just entered the associates degree/certificate program at my community college.
#medical-billing #medicine #accounting #financial #finance #healthcare #hospital-and-healthcare