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should I take AP spanish lang?

I can speak spanish and understand, but he problem is I can't write it and I have to write a 4 paragraph essay on the Ap test which I haven't achieved. I don't know what to do. What will the colleges say about my me not taking it? #college

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6 answers

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Sergio’s Answer


I was in a similar situation. I can speak and read Spanish, but I write at an elementary level. I did not take the AP exam, instead, I took the college CLEP Spanish exam.

This exam is administered by your college (check to verify), and can be completed in 90 minutes. It is graded based on your ability. There is no written assessment, so this plays to your strengths. I walked out with 4 semesters (12 Spanish credits) in less than 2 hours. I strongly recommend this route unless you are planning to study a Spanish related topic. It will allow you to meet 100% of your language requirements.

The exam is usually $70-$90, which is significantly less costly than 12 university credits. If for some reason you don’t do well, the grade is not recorded anywhere. If you pass, you will have a “P” on your transcript, it will not impact your GPA.

Good luck, I hope this helps!

Sergio recommends the following next steps:

Visit https://clep.collegeboard.org/world-languages/spanish-language
Study the free practice exam
Verify that your college accepts CLEP credit
Schedule and take your exam
If it works out for you, tell a friend and start studying for another CLEP to get your degree faster

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dan’s Answer

For the vast majority of colleges, they won't care or even see your AP results. It's helpful to have AP credits to reduce time and cost of college, but I don't believe you need it for admissions

I have to disagree with this. AP classes allow you to boost your weighted GPA since you get an extra GPA point. Many of the top universities have an average GPA of above 4.0 so taking AP classes is vital to get in to those universities. Jonathan Segovia

While AP classes can help increase GPA, if one do poorly, they can do the opposite. Also, one can take AP exams without taking AP classes, so it really depends on how the student plays the game. Kuei-Ti Lu

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Hasti’s Answer

Hi Jessica!

Great question. In college, the usefulness of taking the AP Spanish exam depends on the major that you want to pursue in many institutions. For example, if you have plans in majoring in something related to language, Spanish culture, or translating per se, then it wouldn't hurt to prepare for the exam and give it a shot. Some universities do accept credits from AP language exams, some even up to 12 credits, which can go towards your major map. However, as a Biology major myself who took French/AP French for four years in high school, I chose not to take the AP French exam. I mainly didn't take it because, similar to your case, I wasn't ready. If I wanted the credits from the exam to count towards my major, it would've only applied as an elective credit. This is because my major doesn't have much to do with French or French culture.

In another case, regarding admissions to college, I wouldn't think that you would be declined admission to an institution just because you chose not to take the AP exam for a language you are familiar with. Colleges usually try to look at the overall picture of your application and academic journey and not be picky if you took a specific exam or not. Each institution is different of course but this is just a general statement.

Hope it was helpful! Please don't hesitate to ask any more questions. Career Village is here to help!

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Rebekah’s Answer

They will not care if you took the test. When it comes to accepting you it's usually based on SAT, GPA, and recommendation letters. Check for the score required there are colleges that won't take your AP exam score if you scored less than 4. Good news is they do take the score it's one less class needed/ less tuition you're paying.

This ultimately means that before you graduate the college you'll take about 2 semesters ( depends on the college) of foreign language. Who knows! You may end up taking French, Japanese, or any other language that is offered if you're tired of learning Spanish. You will be okay if you don't take the exam.

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Ramona’s Answer

AP Spanish is great for those who have a combination of speaking, reading and writing. The value of it is to highlight your knowledge and assist your academic advisor in placing you in the correct level to start in college. If you've decided on a college, it would be great to speak with the head of the Spanish program and ask for their advice. If not, check with your high school advisor or Spanish teacher for their assessment. Good luck in your decision.

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Riley’s Answer

Going into college with as many AP/AICE credits as you can is always beneficial because you won't need to pay to take those courses in college. However, it typically does not matter which classes you chose to take (although it is better to take classes that you think will be required by your future major). If you do not feel comfortable taking the AP course because of the writing, you don't need to! It would be better to take an AP course that you might find easier if you really want to earn credits. But if you are really set on AP Spanish you could always find a Spanish tutor or just ask your teacher to help you develop your writing.