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Kalkidan A. May 13, 2016 572 views

What job or status can a degree in Political Science secure?

I'm considering in majoring in Political Science, but I'm unsure of the career choices available with this degree. I'm plan to use this degree to obtain a job with the United Nations; specifically to work in the Middle East. However, I'm not entirely sure what job I can obtain and the...

#political-science #foreign-policy #politics #international-relations #foreign-affairs #international

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Jasmine O. Aug 24, 2018 266 views

What are the best colleges for international relations?

Schools best known for international relations or politics. #international...

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Zoe R. Sep 24, 2019 139 views

Can you recommend any courses I should take before proceeding further with my job search?

I'm trying to do as much as I can when it comes to my classes and I wanted to know if I needed to do more...


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Dandy K. Mar 02 144 views

want to move and stay to new country

I will marry and plan to move abroad. Because we love to adventure, we want to get new experiences and new challenges and new environments. I am just a high school graduate but I hope to get a job so that I can also help to volunteer. Any suggestions? #international #volunteer...


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Hailin G. Apr 23 280 views

How did studying abroad shape your career?

I am currently a student at UW. I am interested in studying abroad (specifically Tsinghua University) during my junior year. Out of curiosity, what are your favorite aspects of studying abroad? How did it shape you and your career? Which part of the experience stood out to you?...

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Tanveer A. Apr 24 217 views

How to earn while studying?

I am a student off accounting and finance. I belong to Tharparkar, a remote area of Pakistan. I am a scholarship holder at Sukkur IBA Univeristy. #finance #accounting...


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jessica M. May 22 103 views

should I take AP spanish lang?

I can speak spanish and understand, but he problem is I can't write it and I have to write a 4 paragraph essay on the Ap test which I haven't achieved. I don't know what to do. What will the colleges say about my me not taking it?...


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Charlotte Y. May 31 184 views

What extracurriculars/volunteer programs should I be doing for college (medical field)?

#college #medical #medicine #doctor #premed I am going to be a junior in high school this coming school year, and i was planning on trying to volunteer at several hospitals nearby. However, with COVID-19, hospitals are no longer accepting volunteers, so I am unsure of what extracurriculars or...

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Samyukta S. Jun 17 281 views
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