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Michigan, USA

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Malak yesterday 154 views

How can I become a pediatric nurse, right after graduation from nursing school with my bachelors of nursing#Spring24?

Hello, I’m a sophomore in college and finishing my pre-reqs for nursing and later on wanting to apply to nursing school to get my bachelors of nursing. And my main goal for becoming a nurse is not just in general I want to get into a special field like pediatric nurse and just what to know will...

Chris’s Avatar
Chris May 16 153 views

What is the difference betweens coding and programming?

Explain it in such a way a kid or a someone who isn't into tech would understand

Oyadare’s Avatar
Oyadare May 13 387 views

How to select the perfect career path

I'm in grade 8, i need how to select the best career

June’s Avatar
June May 12 138 views

What are the things to follow in order to be qualified to study medicine?

What are the things to do to study medicine?

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel May 12 282 views

What's the easiest way to learn Graphics design?

I'm interested in graphics design and I've wanted to get into it but I have a busy schedule and don't often get time for anything else.

Shemye’s Avatar
Shemye May 11 255 views

How can you write a magazine article?

How best can a person write a magazine article?

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Shemye May 11 415 views

What's the easiest way to learn Ui /Ux design?

What's the easiest way to learn a UI and ux website design

Vera’s Avatar
Vera May 10 146 views

what is the best way to approach a mentor?

i want a better understanding

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Bluv May 09 304 views

How to find Investors?

How can i find investors for my 80% monthly gain forex trading setup. Has been working for over 2months perfectly but i need more capital to increase the profit value and to share my opinion with other investors too

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Yul May 08 226 views

How can I find a part time photography job while attending college?

How can I find a part time photography job while attending college?

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arianna May 06 400 views

what does it take to become a crime-investigator and what are the other jobs that are like this?

? im a 15-year-old girl who always has, and I mean always been interested in crime documentation and investigations, but I don't know how I would start it honestly. I know I would never want to be a police officer because Im kind of scared of them based on the past and the salary, I know it...

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jayden May 06 208 views

how to focus on my career?

after high school

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Luke May 04 395 views

How to memorize monologues quickly? #Spring2024

I am 16 and have an advanced theatre audition that I am going to, I have to memorize two monologues, one comedic and the other dramatic. I have ten days to do it.

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Brin May 01 150 views

How can I get a scholarship to do biology and just science.?

How do I become a scientist

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Carrie May 01 427 views

How do I become an art teacher What qualifications are needed? What should I major in?

I have an AA in Liberal Arts. I really want to teach or be a therapist. I can't choose which one I should do. I didn't know where to begin to compare them.

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