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What is the best state for physical therpists to live?

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3 answers

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Rita’s Answer

Physical therapists are needed literally everywhere. So the question might be 'where do you feel comfortable living'? If you want to stay near family or friends, then start looking in your own area. If you are open to relocating in order to land your dream job, then your window of opportunity is wide open. Remember, where you start does not necessarily need to be where you end up either. Take a chance on yourself and follow your instincts. Good luck.

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Riley’s Answer

The demand for this career will be found all over the country! You will no doubt be able to find a job in any state that you choose, however you may be paid a little higher in some states more than others. The highest average salaries for this job are in Nevada ($100,000) and New Jersey ($90,000). On the other hand, the lowest-paying states for this job are Montana and Vermont, both with an average salary of around $70,000. Overall, this is one of the higher-paying professions that you can enter, and anywhere you go will set you up well for success.

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Joshua’s Answer

Hi Marie E.,

Thank you for the question!
I give extra specia consideration to those students from NY!

Just kidding!

There are trade magazines like Advance magazine for PTs that I believe a couple years ago, came out every month with all the things a PT on the job market would look for in different states. It wouldnt rank the states, it would just give into like salary, education credits required,etc.
I would suggest doing a search on this and other PT publications. Maybe even reach out to the APTA and they can give you some direction or maybe you can pay a student rate for membership and then get this info you need, and much much more!

Best regards,Josh😉