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Career Questions tagged Futurecareer

Nova’s Avatar
Nova Jun 18 137 views

How good of an idea is it to work on your doctorate at the same time as being an adjunct professor?

I'm a high school senior and aspiring linguistics major who intends to become a professor and obtain their PhD. I've heard about adjunct professorship and that while it is very important to become a tenured professor, it's as time-intensive as tenured professorship with significantly less pay....

Anna’s Avatar
Anna Jan 02, 2021 306 views

Based on your experience, on average, how likely is a hospital or clinic willing to hire a woman as a doctor over a man? If possible, please include region (location) of experience.

I want to become a medical doctor in the future and gender equality is something that I highly prioritize, especially in a future workplace. I asked this question to gain more information about where I would have a higher chance of employed and whether or not the health care community is more...

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Anna Jan 02, 2021 604 views

When you're a surgeon, how much free time do you have in order to prioritize your family?

A surgeon is one of the future careers that I have seriously considered and I want to know the answer to the question because family is the most important thing to me and I don't want to pursue a career where I have to put my most important thing in life on the back burner. #surgeon #doctor...

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Shumeria Sep 18, 2020 501 views

What careers could be a good fit for someone who is expeditious?

#resume #futurecareer #highschool #student

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ashley Feb 16, 2020 363 views

PT or FT opportunities that arent customer service oriented?

I'm a huge introvert but i love to work:( #backgroundjob #nocustomerservice #futurecareer

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helen Aug 27, 2019 451 views

is a doctor a good future career for me ?

Im in the 10th grade and i like helping others that need any type of help. I enjoy being helpful any way i can . #futurecareer #medicine #helpful #doctor #healthcare

Karynne’s Avatar
Karynne Mar 27, 2019 390 views

What sort of classes do you need to take?

I want to pursue a career in Architecture and would like to know what sort of classes and I should look into for the near future. #architecture #futurecareer

Devon’s Avatar
Devon Oct 03, 2018 454 views

Is there a specialization (i.e. creative, technical, or professional writing) in my English degree that I should really consider for the future?

#English #trends #futurecareer

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Amberly Apr 06, 2018 498 views

What is required to be a labor and delivery nurse?

I'm asking like what skills and knownledge do you have to have to go into the field of labor and delivery? #nusring #futurecareer #midwife

Devin’s Avatar
Devin Sep 01, 2017 688 views

How do I get an Idea of what I want to proceed with as a future career?

I'm just a bit conflicted with myself on deciding what to proceed into after High School. I am a senior and the clock is somewhat ticking. I most definitely want to go to college, but what path do I take there and what college is best to go to? #confused #futurecareer #college-bound #opinions