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Career Questions tagged Digitalmarketing

Zeeshan’s Avatar
Zeeshan Jan 17, 2022 258 views

How to ranked our website an google first page?

#seo #technology #computer-science #digital #programming #digitalmarketing

Elisha’s Avatar
Elisha Nov 07, 2021 412 views

Which field of Business is the most creative?

Hi there, I'm a junior in high-school currently looking at potential career paths I could embark on. I've been considering undertaking Digital Marketing as though I like the general field of Business, I also hope to instill creativity in what I do. Would you say that Digital Marketing is the...

Saniya’s Avatar
Saniya Jun 21, 2021 418 views

Digital marketing/ brand ambassador

What are some good steps to becoming a digital marketer/ brand ambassador?
#marketing #business #ambassador #digitalmarketing

Dominik’s Avatar
Dominik Mar 12, 2021 317 views

What's the easiest way to land your 1st client in a digital marketing agency?

I tried sending emails but noone responds, or they say they don't need anybody for that position

Alejandro’s Avatar
Alejandro Aug 01, 2020 390 views

How do I get into Digital Marketing with only half year experience in Marketing and without studies about Digital Marketing? Is it enough to review some concepts on my own and get the knowledge at work or it's mandatory to be an expert in the subject to get a job?

I have some experience in marketing in a multinational company. I am 27 by the way, studying a postgraduate in BI. #tech #digital #digitalmarketing

Luis’s Avatar
Luis Jul 30, 2020 438 views

financial support opportunities to gain a certificate

I want to start a certification in Digital Marketing at Hunter College but I don't have financial help, what options do I have besides getting into debt? The program is perfect but expensive> Certificate in Digital Marketing & Combined Certificate in Digital Marketing & Adobe...

Luis’s Avatar
Luis Jul 30, 2020 342 views

Non-native speaker wants to start a college career

For someone with basic / intermediate English, is it possible to start a university career in marketing and / or communication? what are my chances? I am 37 years old and would like to reinvent myself. #career-path #JULY20 #digitalmarketing