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Career Questions tagged Ambassador

Saniya’s Avatar
Saniya Jun 21, 2021 417 views

Digital marketing/ brand ambassador

What are some good steps to becoming a digital marketer/ brand ambassador?
#marketing #business #ambassador #digitalmarketing

Tasneem’s Avatar
Tasneem Feb 28, 2021 626 views

Any tips for becoming an ambassador?

What are the main subjects/majors I should focus on to become an ambassador? What should I study? Any tips?
#career-advice #studies #ambassador

Piper’s Avatar
Piper Sep 01, 2017 615 views

What should I do to work in an embassy abroad?

I want to travel the world and help people for the rest of my life, thus I think that working in an American embassy in foreign countries would be perfect for me. I currently plan on majoring in International Relations and minoring in Spanish (I am already conversationally fluent). Is this a...

Mary’s Avatar
Mary Apr 01, 2014 1232 views

What are the requirements to being a UN or U.S. ambassador?

I want to be a UN or U.S ambassador so I wanted to know how to become one. #law #culture #foreign-affairs #world-cultures #ambassador