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Career Questions tagged World Cultures

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Dec 07, 2016 663 views

What majors do you recommend in order to be an ethnomusicologist?

I am currently enrolled in a World Musics class at my university, and I find the field of ethnomusicology fascinating. However, I'm curious what majors lead to this. There's music, obviously, but this doesn't prepare one for understanding other cultures. It seems that sociology would be equally...

Mary’s Avatar
Mary Apr 01, 2014 1214 views

What are the requirements to being a UN or U.S. ambassador?

I want to be a UN or U.S ambassador so I wanted to know how to become one. #law #culture #foreign-affairs #world-cultures #ambassador

Briana’s Avatar
Briana Mar 26, 2014 1355 views

how can I become an international journalist like for BBC World News or something similar?

I am writer and I am passionate about world issues. I plan to double major in journalism and audio/recording/studio engineering. Journalism is a career I am deeply considering alongside recording engineering. However, I like discussing world issues, and I like to explore the context of...