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Career Questions tagged Medecine

Ange Pacifique’s Avatar
Ange Pacifique Nov 02, 2021 261 views

How can one be sure of the career path they want to take.

#medecine #psychiatry

Sophina’s Avatar
Sophina Feb 18, 2021 411 views

What courses should I take in highschool to get a job in the medical field? (nurse, surgeon, doctor, etc.)

I'm a freshman in highschool and I want to make sure I choose the right courses in gr. 11 and 12 so I can possibly get a job in the medical field. #highschool #medical #nurse #surgeon #doctor #courses #surgery #professionals #medecine

Dana’s Avatar
Dana Apr 01, 2020 387 views

How do you balance your work and home life?

I am looking at pursuing medecine but I am not sure it is the lifestyle I want, since I am hoping to have a family and ensure I have time at home to spend with them. #student #medecine #futuredoctor

Addison’s Avatar
Addison Aug 11, 2018 440 views

What is the best undergraduate major to pursue if I want to become a physician’s assistant one day?

#college-majors #medecine #biology