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How do I get into Digital Marketing with only half year experience in Marketing and without studies about Digital Marketing? Is it enough to review some concepts on my own and get the knowledge at work or it's mandatory to be an expert in the subject to get a job?

I have some experience in marketing in a multinational company. I am 27 by the way, studying a postgraduate in BI. #tech #digital #digitalmarketing

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5 answers

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Dexter’s Answer

Hi Alejandro,

At least at my company, there isn’t a hard requirement for having previous digital marketing experience to get a digital marketing job. I mean, especially when you have existing marketing experience, so that’s a leg up vs other applicants who lack that.

However, I would try to gain real-life digital marketing experience to supplement what you already know and can study for. For example, if you want to focus on websites or analytics. I would take classes on those subject, and/or try a few personal projects that will get you familiar. If you want to gain further experience, look into volunteering for non-profit organizations. There are many that would love your help in digital marketing, even if you aren’t a pro at it yet. You can then use that experience to help you get a digital marketing job.

Wish you the best!


Thank you Dexter for your answer, it really helped me to set a plan. Appreciate it. Wish you the best too! Alejandro P.

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Eric’s Answer

All spot on answers. There are countless places that you can learn the basics, and also more advance knowledge bases places.

Certifications are great to help you open up doors and it's also the personality that makes a difference. Most of the best hires have the best personality in driving and learning in the digital space.

Oh, being an Excel expert also helps a lot to align testing/visuals/etc with raw data and that's where Excel comes in :-)

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Patrick’s Answer

Hey Alejandro! Everyone in the thread has provided very good answers. I just graduated from college with a concentration in digital marketing and you definitely can teach yourself. Most of what we would access would be online, There are many places you can get certifications that'll help boost your knowledge base and desirability to get hired. I would start with getting certified in Google Ads and Google Analytics. Another great tool in Hootsuite. This is where people can schedule posts for their businesses on social. Being hootsuite platform certified will definitely help you.

Lastly, there's this company called HubSpot which created HubSpot academy. There are tons of free courses and certifications that we would use in my college courses. Look out for the inbound marketing certification, I think you would get the most value out of that! :)

Best of luck!

Patrick recommends the following next steps:

Get certifications
Take some free online courses
Buy a few books on digital marketing
Look to get experience doing digital marketing at an agency

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Kimberly’s Answer

Digital marketing is a growing field within marketing. Luckily, there are ways to prepare for a digital marketing career even if you're entry level. You can build your skills taking courses or attending online summits. I personally continue to build my digital marketing skills by attending free sessions from groups like Create and Cultivate.
You can also practice and show your future employer your skills by managing your own social media accounts as your brand. To get a job as a social media manager, one of my marketing coworkers set up a business account in Facebook and Instagram showing her kid's lunchboxes and demonstrated how she built a following and managed the content.
Look for internships in marketing departments at companies or a creative agency.

Kimberly recommends the following next steps:

Take free courses about digital marketing from Create and Cultivate or other organizations.
Look for internships in marketing departments at companies or a creative agency.

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Jackie’s Answer

Hi Alejandro!

I work in digital marketing and for each company I've worked at, I don't think being an "expert" in digital media has been a key factor. A lot of the job is problem solving, creative ideation, analytical skills, etc. If you can provide examples to how your current job/industry has helped you develop these skills, I think that helps.

That being said, I totally understand wanting to enhance your digital marketing skills in order to put your best foot forward. Echoing Dexter, I also suggest studying on your own time. There are so many certifications you can earn (free & $$). Some that I would suggest starting with are Google Skillshop, Facebook Blueprint and The Trade Desk Edge. This also shows the time and effort you've put into your own development to a potential employer!

If you are trying to figure out where to get your start in digital marketing, I would suggest an agency as you can get insight into many different areas of digital marketing to really learn what you like best.

Hi Jackie, thank you so much for your answer. Yours and Dexter's really opened my eyes. Both answers have been more helpful than dozens of advices from friends! Alejandro P.