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Kimberly Flores

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Hayward, California
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Bao-Truc’s Avatar
Bao-Truc Aug 01, 2020 886 views

What are your best study habit tips to give for future college students?

I struggle with staying focused and getting my assignments done for school. Not only that, but I also get easily distracted and end up eating and going on my phone for many hours instead of doing my homework. I'd really appreciate it if anyone could give me tips on what YOU do to study and on...

jennel’s Avatar
jennel Aug 07, 2020 837 views

To apply for law school in England, is it that I must have a bachelor's degree relate to law example LLB or it does not matter what what I major or minor in?

#law-school #England #Europe

Chloe’s Avatar
Chloe Jul 17, 2020 750 views

Social media marketing

May I know what are some go-to/required apps if I am looking to step foot into the social media marketing world without any prior experiences? Where can I get some useful free resources to build up my skills (SEO, marketing etc)? #social-media-marketing #JULY20 #social-media...

Alejandro’s Avatar
Alejandro Aug 01, 2020 560 views

How do I get into Digital Marketing with only half year experience in Marketing and without studies about Digital Marketing? Is it enough to review some concepts on my own and get the knowledge at work or it's mandatory to be an expert in the subject to get a job?

I have some experience in marketing in a multinational company. I am 27 by the way, studying a postgraduate in BI. #tech #digital #digitalmarketing

Raga’s Avatar
Raga Aug 06, 2020 770 views

How do I proceed in looking for a finance job after relocated from another country and have careers gap of 4.5 years

#jobs #Financial Sector
#entry level

Arianna’s Avatar
Arianna Jun 19, 2020 1145 views

Is it too late to figure out what I want to do if I’m 12

I play tennis,I love shopping and anything related to fashion
My dream job is to be a #professional spy or detective. #fashion #professional

Caireen’s Avatar
Caireen Jun 19, 2020 606 views

is it possible to find a job that you not only enjoy but also allows you to earn money?

i enjoy cooking, doing art and designing different things.

#art #design #career #artist #graphic-design

Ritvik’s Avatar
Ritvik Jun 19, 2020 2345 views

What careers and jobs are available for me if i am interested in mathematics?

#engineering #math #career-path

daisha’s Avatar
daisha Apr 29, 2019 750 views

If my strengths are leadership and independence and hobbies are shopping and cheer, what types of careers or industries might best fit me ?

#career #job

Keaton’s Avatar
Keaton Oct 30, 2019 451 views

What is a typical day like in your job ( Culinary Arts )?

I'm a student at job corps, I'm 21 and want to know what it like in the career / field #career #job