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Kathryn T. Mar 19, 2018 347 views

What are some tips for a Public Relations major looking to work with social media?

I'm a Public Relations major with a minor in Sociology. It's almost time to graduate and look for a job. I'm passionate about social media and content creation, so I'd really like to look for something that offers those. Any suggestions/recommendations/tips for what I should take a look at?...

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Lauren K. Jan 24, 2018 312 views

Agency or Industry? The ultimate PR question!

I am graduating in May of this year and there is a lot of talk about going into an agency profession or starting out in industry. I know I want to do social media management, but I don't know if I should start out in agency or industry. Is agency as scary and difficult as people say it is?...

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Empris D. Jan 24, 2018 279 views

What kind of companies are looking for social media experts?

Which marketing firms / companies should I apply to in order to use my expertise? #socialmedia #social-media-marketing...