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Is it a good idea to start small and post animations on YouTube?

I see a lot of animators start off small on YouTube or other social medias, but those situations are quick to follow with some drama of someone stealing their art or people being harshly critiqued over their work. Does social media discourage young artists, or is it a good opportunity to start a name for yourself?
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2 answers

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Dakota’s Answer

Yes, starting small is basically the only way to start. As you start you will get feedback (good and bad) if you think it is genuine then take it, if not then don't.

As far as theft of art, YouTube has a feature where you can add a watermark to your video. You can add it post editing while uploading to YouTube.

I don't necessarily make animations on YouTube but I do make content, you have to start small, build your confidence and knowledge, continue to grind and you'll be happy with the end results.


Thank you so much for the reply! I guess negative feedback is inevitable, but it'll be useful nevertheless to build up my confidence :) Thanks you once again! Sona A.

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Billy’s Answer

Hi Sona,

Yes, starting small and don't afraid to make mistake is a key to everything new. Focus on small thing and start and you will know what you need and what your next steps is.

Also, don't limit yourself on YouTube. YouTube is just a platform and anime making is a really board field eg gaming, movie, digital visualization.

Thank you so much for your reply! I will look into more options besides Youtube, especially the different fields where I can apply my skills. I feel like YouTube would be a good opportunity to display them to a larger audience to get feedback, but I'm not too sure about the platform in the long run. Anyway, thank you once again for the answer! :) Sona A.