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Career Questions tagged General Career Advice For Young People

Dyanne V.’s Avatar
Dyanne V. May 17, 2018 396 views

Which university has a better Architecture program? TTU or UTA?

I am very indecisive about which university to attend. Both the University of Texas at Arlington and Texas Tech University have caught my attention, yet I do not know which is a better option for me. I wish to know more about their architecture programs even though I have done some research....

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Dyanne V.’s Avatar
Dyanne V. May 17, 2018 439 views

What are some tips you can give me if I plan to master in Architecture?

I am a Junior in High School and plan to attend Texas Tech University or the University of Texas at Arlington. I've always known I wanted to be an architect, yet I feel the need of guidance. I understand that my career is quite a challenge; therefore I would love to hear any advice you are...

general-career-advice-for-young-people architect

Seth D.’s Avatar
Seth D. Apr 26, 2018 425 views

As a musician, how do you prepare for a career in the music industry?

The music industry is a vast place, with opportunities in almost every turn. A young musician (such as myself), can easily get overwhelmed with the amount of work available in the world. Personally, I want to be as versatile as possible in the industry, being able to work in any environment to...

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Jazmin L.’s Avatar
Jazmin L. Mar 24, 2018 633 views

What jobs can I apply for with a degree in conservation biology?

I previously wanted a degree in wildlife biology, but after I further explored my interests I became more intrigued with the conservation aspects of biology rather than the scientific aspect. It's also come to my attention that Conservation Biology is a fairly knew major, and I was wondering...

general-career-advice-for-young-people wildlife-conservation animal-conservation wildlife-biology job-search wildlife

Alexis B.’s Avatar
Alexis B. Jan 18, 2018 359 views

How can I get better at being confident in my answers?

I know the answers to questions but I just won't say anything in fear that it may actually be wrong. I want to not care and learn from my mistakes. Any ideas?...


Hannah P.’s Avatar
Hannah P. Jan 18, 2018 409 views

How did you realize what you wanted to do for a living?

I honestly love everything and I have trouble deciding what I want to invest my future in. indecisive...