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Career Questions tagged Summerjob

Helen’s Avatar
Helen Feb 03, 2022 522 views

What should pre-med students do over the summer?

#highschool #pre-med #medical #medicine #medschool #premed #healthcare #summerjob

Sydney’s Avatar
Sydney Jul 08, 2019 643 views

First Job Help?

I am having trouble finding a job. I am 16 years old and currently attend high school in the Bellevue area. I have no work experience but I am ready for my first job. I am looking for a job in the Bellevue area. I am hoping to have a summer job, and part-time job during the school year. Please...

Halley’s Avatar
Halley Apr 25, 2019 538 views

Is it better to get jobs or to get internships over the summer?

#internship #job #summer #summerjob #summerinternship #summer-jobs

Carson’s Avatar
Carson Oct 30, 2018 703 views

Interning or Making Money

I'm curious about whether I should be focusing on interning this summer as an animator for real world experience and connections or work to try to keep the cost of my education down? Any advice or experience possibly with both? #internship #college #resume #animation #art #summerjob #finance...

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Aug 16, 2018 762 views

What are some good summer jobs to pay for college?

I am wondering what the best jobs will be for the summertime. I want to work as much as I can, I don't care about how long I work or what schedule I have, I just want to save up the most money in the shortest time!
#summerjob # #money-management #work

Lakya’s Avatar
Lakya Apr 11, 2018 417 views

When you have a summer job, once school start what do you do?

#summerjob I don't want my job to interfere with my school life, so would I adjust my hours or leave?

Brody’s Avatar
Brody Apr 06, 2018 608 views

Whats a good summer job?

#work #summerjob