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Career Questions tagged Disney

Candys’s Avatar
Candys Jun 23, 2021 565 views

What are the steps in creating your own animation?

I was recently inspired by how animations seem more detailed and animated. I'd notice how in most cartoons, their mouth flaps seem like they're pronouncing each word clearly. And the storyline for most cartoons inspire me to pursue animation. I want to bring characters to life and tell stories....

Candys’s Avatar
Candys Jun 22, 2021 248 views

What is the most accomplishing about a project?

I realize that animation is a challenging career to pursue, but there are moments where an individual gets that sense of accomplishing during the process of a project. I wanted to get an idea of what about the project satisfies someone. #animation #art #design #disney

Bri’s Avatar
Bri May 14, 2021 315 views

What career would combine all of these?

I am interested in illustration, character design, and costume design for animation. I am unsure of what I should major in. I enjoy creating may things and am unsure what specific career I should aim for. Any advice is helpful. #disney #animation #design #careers #illustration #cartoon

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Apr 05, 2021 534 views

What can I do in order to get a career as a Cartoonist for Disney Animation Studios?

After watching a cartoon on Disney Channel, it inspired me of wanting to become a Cartoonist. So, all I need to know is how to get my desired career at Disney Animation Studios. #career #cartoonist #disney #animation

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Feb 16, 2021 655 views

What types of math do I need for robotics

I’m 21 I like music and robots and I want to build and design the animatronics at Disney parks #math #Robots #Disney

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Dec 10, 2020 309 views

What kind of business career opportunities are there animation studios?

Hi all! I'm a graduating college next spring with a degree in business-marketing. I'm looking into a career that marries my business degree with industries that I am passionate about like animation (think DreamWorks, Pixar, Disney, Japanese animation). I don't have the artistic technical skills...

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Apr 23, 2018 1281 views

Is it worth it to participate in the Disney College Program?

I love Disney and I am interested in the Disney College Program but I am not sure if it will help me in the future. If anyone has ever been a part of or knows someone who has been a part of the Disney College Program I would love to just know information about it. #Disneycollegeprogram #DCP...

dennis’s Avatar
dennis Mar 14, 2018 648 views

Should I major in computer science information or computer animations?

I love both subjects very much, but due to costs I can’t do both. I love animating and filming, but I’m not sure if i’m qualified enough for the industry. For computer science, I love it too, but I tend to struggle at times when learning or applyingrg knowledge. #Animations...

Mallory’s Avatar
Mallory Jan 18, 2018 655 views

Is it possible to be a desirable applicant for a world renowned company without having gone to an Ivy League school?

Over the course of my childhood, I’ve developed a deep adoration for Disney, alongside a fascination with the technology behind the attractions, the engineering that creates the magic. My dream job would be to work as a part of the Walt Disney Imagineering Team. I plan on studying computer...

Hanh’s Avatar
Hanh Sep 21, 2015 6534 views

What steps do I have to take to become an industrial engineer?

Hello, I'm having a hard time picking a major in what I would like to do. Currently, I am majoring in biology but I'm starting to think it is not for me. I am thinking about taking on a career in math. Industrial engineering seems to be compatible with me. I am very social, math clicks, and I...

Marcella’s Avatar
Marcella Apr 16, 2015 2324 views

Is there any degree to be a Disney character at Disney World?

Hello, I am in twelfth grade and I am just curious if the people at Disney who do the princesses, villains, and princes have a degree. Thank you! #degree #acting #disney #audition

Alissa’s Avatar
Alissa Mar 24, 2015 1008 views

For someone interested in majoring in Electrical Engineering and minoring in Music (instrumental) and Mandarin, what careers would one recommend?

I am a senior in high school who has a passion for playing the violin and self- teaching themselves languages. I recently did a summer program at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology where I studied embedded controllers and processors and discovered my passion for engineering. The issue now is...

Leigh’s Avatar
Leigh Mar 24, 2015 1144 views

What does a person do at Disney University?

I'm hoping to participate in Disney University, or the Disney college program, and I would like to know what it's like. #art #disney

Leigh’s Avatar
Leigh Mar 24, 2015 1424 views

What are some possible careers for someone who wants to take majors in Graphic Design, French, Sketching, Studio Arts, Photography, Music, French and Japanese ?

I'm in 12th grade, and I don't have a definite career choice yet. I just know that I would like to be fluent in Japanese and French, and that my career would be related to art and/or music. #graphic-design #video-games #photography #french #japanese #disney

Esmeralda ’s Avatar
Esmeralda Nov 19, 2014 3587 views

How long does it take to be a singer?

I chose this question because I want to be a singer when I grow up. #singer #disney #entertainers

Sara’s Avatar
Sara Mar 17, 2014 1626 views

What year of college is the best to do the Disney College Program?

I am really interested in the college program at Disney and I want to make sure I do it at the right time in college. #disney

Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis Mar 11, 2014 1662 views

What jobs are available on cruises?

I have been on 3 Disney cruises and have loved all 3! I like to travel, interact with people and help others. I was wondering what kind of jobs are avaiable to work on a cruise? I know there are waitress options and cruise directors which do that. What else is out there? Pros/cons? HELP!...