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Should I major in computer science information or computer animations?

I love both subjects very much, but due to costs I can’t do both. I love animating and filming, but I’m not sure if i’m qualified enough for the industry. For computer science, I love it too, but I tend to struggle at times when learning or applyingrg knowledge. #animations #computerscienceinformation #help #elonmusk #disney #technology #programming #film #frames

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3 answers

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Rafael A.’s Answer

You can major in one and minor in the other. This will allow you to get a feel of both career paths. This may be a little easier than you think since both of these degrees are similar in nature.

Good Luck.

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Navshree’s Answer

Hi Dennis,

I can absolutely understand the dilemma of choosing one over the other when choosing career options. The key to decide on such is to understand your own personality first. Do you like involving in creative environment or do you like solving business problems.

Computer science information (CSI)has vast number of applications, animation being one of them. For CS you need to grasp understanding of both networking and computing knowledge to design and implement systems in order to solve and support business problems. Writing code can sometimes become monotonous in some companies.

As far as animation go, you'll have to learn a lot of tools and softwares depending on what kind of animation you are interested in.

Both fields definitely demands keeping up with the current and new technology, etc and both fields have good starting pay.

Any field can become a challenge if you lose interest or are not passionate about it.

Therefore I would suggest you to first analyze your own personality traits before choosing any field.

I hope you all the best.

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Angel’s Answer

It becomes hard sometimes to decide, Computer Science is a good Career and involve a wide range of technology. When I was in High School I din't like computers that much but overtime I was amazed about the stuff that you can do with computers especially programing. I suggest to give more time think about it, you will find the best choice at the right moment.