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What is the most accomplishing about a project?

I realize that animation is a challenging career to pursue, but there are moments where an individual gets that sense of accomplishing during the process of a project. I wanted to get an idea of what about the project satisfies someone. animation art design disney

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3 answers

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Dexter’s Answer

Hi Candys,

For me, when ever I start on a project, I get this sense of dread. I have a lot of fears about how it could fail, and how things can go wrong. Then I slowly make progress and this is the most important part. I'll sit myself down in front of whatever, and tell myself that I'm going to accomplish X. And when I put the work in, and accomplish X, whatever it may be, it feels good. Not great, but I do know that I'm a little bit closer to the goal.

That feeling is even true even if I did the wrong thing and have to re-do it, because I've learned what not to do. After a few weeks or months, and I finish the project, I get this sense of euphoria. I feel proud, and I send out updates to various social/work channels and see what others say. Now, I'm not sure what they'll say, so there's a sense of doom, but it's like 90% happy/whatever feeling vs 10% doom. And then the next day, I'll still bask in that glory of the finished work, and I'll look over it.

Then, I'll close that, move it to the side, and get started on the next project.

For me, recreationally, the closest thing to this process has been hiking or backpacking. The feeling of dread, slow progression, and that euphoric feeling at the end, it's pretty darn similar.

I wish you the best, and thank you for asking such a fun question!

Thank you, Mr. Arver. You're reply helps me picture everything in my mind. Candys F.

You're welcome! :) Dexter Arver

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Alwyn’s Answer

Hello Cadys,

You have an interesting and unique name by the way. There are many facets of satisfaction that you refer to as “most accomplishing” in a project. You could feel “most accomplishing” as a contributor to a project, like its lead, as the person with the idea, as a manager of it, as the financier, it could also be through your financial gain from it. The bottom line is how it speaks to you, makes you feel, brings you pride, a sense of accomplishment, improving a skill or skills, shows you something you never thought you had or would have been able to do in a serendipitous sorta way. It’s the feeling you get from victory, that grows you as a person and giving you a euphoric feeling of confidence that nothing is impossible, and that no obstacle or barrier will stop you. It's your Mount Everest that you climbed and ascended from. Hope this helps.

Thank you, Mr. Velasquez. This helps a lot, it opened my mind. Candys F.

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Traci’s Answer

Hi Candys,
Large projects can sometimes be overwhelming and can be hard to get to that feeling of accomplishment. How I tackle large projects is by breaking them down into sections or milestones. When I meet a milestone, it gives me a great sense of accomplishment and allows me to pause before tackling the next section/milestone. This also gives me motivation in continuing with the completion of the project.

Thank you, Ms. Hayes. I agree with you with taking a moment before continuing the next section of a project. Your response will help me during my path towards my career. Candys F.