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Ebitobor Apr 05 721 views

What is the best skill to acquire How do I start a business if I'm still acquiring the skills Why don't my parents want me to follow my passion in baking??

My passion is baking but my parents believe I should go to college and get a white collar job
They don't believe in my passion
I want to understand why that is so

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Jupiter Apr 02 490 views

How do I know what to do to get a job?

I'm 17 in high school & I've been wanting a job since my sophomore year so I'm trying to get a job for my senior year. I've found options & started taking steps for them(I.e. finding employers with avaliable jobs & emailing them), but I really don't feel prepared enough for it. I discussed...

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Yuam Apr 01 598 views

ways to be the best designer?

what to do

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Ivy Mar 29 507 views

why are CVs important?

is it a must for one to get hired with

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Gabriella Oct 06, 2021 523 views

Where is graphic design best paid?

I am a Jobcorps student looking for information about graphic design. #graphic-design #design #art

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Gabriella Oct 06, 2021 804 views

Is it advisable to choose graphic design as a career?

II am a Jobcorps student looking for information about graphic design.
#graphic-design #design #career #art

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Chi Hang Sep 28, 2021 440 views

What is the most challenging thing of being a graphic designer?

#graphic-design #art

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Jaylen Jun 25, 2021 802 views

What does it take to me a logo designer?

I like doing logos but what does it take to become an actual designer? #design #graphic-design #designer

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Candys Jun 22, 2021 457 views

What is the most accomplishing about a project?

I realize that animation is a challenging career to pursue, but there are moments where an individual gets that sense of accomplishing during the process of a project. I wanted to get an idea of what about the project satisfies someone. #animation #art #design #disney

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hannah Mar 15, 2021 1522 views

what classes did you take in high school for graphic design

I'm in 9th grade and I'm wondering about graphic design #graphic-design #graphic-designer #web-design #graphics #game-design #game-design

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Steven Mar 01, 2021 693 views

How much school is required for being a graphic designer

I’m not the biggest school advactor so a lot of years aren’t desired. #not #graphic-design

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Daury Feb 26, 2021 384 views

What do you do when you run out of ideas for a design?

I am passionate in graphic design mostly because I think I can better myself in art and I enjoy making designs when I have the time. #graphic-design

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Daury Feb 26, 2021 394 views

How would you start your graphic design at an early age?


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Daury Feb 26, 2021 1428 views

What are the best digital softwares to start your graphic design career?


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Nick Oct 27, 2020 1141 views

how long does it take for a photography career to make profit

#career #photography