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John W. Dec 16, 2011 1541 views

What do magazine editors do?

I like popular mechanics and I'd love to work at a magazine someday. Seems like editors get respect and are in the movies all the time as the top of the magazine. But what do they REALLY do? What's a day-in-the-life of a magazine editor like? Thanks in advance #editor #publishing...


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DavidOppNet2017 . Jan 24, 2012 24363 views

Is it possible to pursue two careers at the same time?

I want to pursue a career both as a medical internist and a classical pianist. I am a classical trained and an experienced performing pianist, who has huge interests in aiding those who face adversity with their health. #medicine #science #music #career-choice...


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Julea P. Feb 10, 2014 4401 views

What do brand managers actually do?

I think that something in marketing might be a good career choice for me. I thought that maybe I could start in customer service and work my way up to brand management, but maybe that's not the right way to reach my goal. But I would like to also know what a brand manager actually does every...

#marketing #marketing-and-advertising #branding #brand-management

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Luke M. Feb 10, 2014 1423 views

How much office space is needed to start a new game company.

My friend and I are working on a project for entrepreneurship class. #video-games...


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Millie P. Feb 12, 2014 1326 views

How do I get started in design?

Design is a career field I may want to try out. I'm still in 8th grade, so I can't get a part time job yet. How can I get started in design, on my weekends? I like to read design blogs, and I capture things I like on Pinterest. Are there any really good starter books I can read or sites I can...

#graphic-design #design

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Matthew M. Mar 26, 2014 649 views

What would a job managing artist and celebrities look like?

Management has always been an expertise of mine and I am just really curious...


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Manuel B. Apr 08, 2014 1040 views

How should you start in the Graphic Design industry

I've found graphic design as something interesting and I wanted to know how to get started. #art #design...


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Marc V. Apr 08, 2014 1029 views

What are good programs to use when beginning graphic design?

I'm asking this question because I would like to start doing graphic design and I was curious on where I would start. #art #design...


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Brittany L. Sep 30, 2014 897 views

What kind of degree do I need to get to be a graphic designer?

If I want to become a graphic designer working for a tech company, do I need to get a college degree or a masters degree or an associates degree? I already know that there are short graphic design degrees and long ones and I hope to learn what is really necessary to get the first job. Or should...

#tech #graphic-design #design

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Veronica S. Apr 30, 2015 3559 views

Is it possible for your designs to be seen by famous companies. If so, how?

I'm really into fashion designing, and I was wondering if my designs can be seen by famous people, companies or brands. And is it possible to happen during the course? #fashion...


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Samuel.kendall S. Oct 22, 2015 1185 views

whats the normal salary of a interior designer?

hi I am in 6th grade and before I get started with this career I need to know a few things please help by replying (thanks) #design #interior #interior-decorator...


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Joana R. Feb 06, 2016 904 views

I'm a Graphic Design major, and wondering what jobs I can get with this degree?

What other jobs can I get if I major in Graphic Design? What careers are there for it? #college #art #major #design...


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Kiara D. Feb 15, 2017 616 views

What types of requirements do I need to have to become a musician, nurse, or entrepreneur?

I would like to pursue in a career of nursing, entrepreneurship, or as an musician. #nursing #music #entrepreneurship...


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Htet Htet A. May 30, 2017 1407 views

I am interested in drawing. What collage should I go? What career should I follow?

I would appreciate suggestions for my better future. I draw most days. I would like to know about careers in drawing. #art #design #artist...


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amiyah P. May 30, 2017 593 views

I love phot and want to incorporate it into my major that I choose in college, but I feel stuck by how much money it makes.

I don't wanting to do anything that isn't something I love if I'm going to be doing it for the rest of my career. #career...