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Brockton, Massachusetts

Within 40 mile radius
Mia’s Avatar
Mia Jan 06 242 views

How will I know when a university is right for me? What if I make the wrong decision? #Fall22

I fear that I won't have a gut feeling anywhere, what if none of them are right?

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Dec 12, 2022 118 views

What's the best time to consider a career change ?

Do a lot of professionals make new goals right after the new year? #EOY22

Brinda’s Avatar
Brinda Dec 01, 2022 98 views

How scholarships will help me in college?

I want to know how the majors and courses will affect my degree programs and about living far from my family.

John’s Avatar
John Dec 01, 2022 115 views

Swapping majors?

How hard (or easy) is it to swap majors in college?

Giovanni’s Avatar
Giovanni Nov 30, 2022 86 views

How do people successfully choose a job within their major, especially starting off that process?

I want to be a Chemistry major, but I am having trouble starting to pick a career path that would be beneficial in all aspects to me.

ava’s Avatar
ava Nov 30, 2022 133 views

did your college help with getting a job when graduating?

did your college help with getting a job when graduating?

Shelagh’s Avatar
Shelagh Nov 30, 2022 126 views

Grad vs. Undergrad

What is the most important part to undergrad in order to be successful if going to grad school?

Ella’s Avatar
Ella Nov 29, 2022 84 views

What extracurricular activities do colleges look for if you don't play a sport? #FALL22

I would like to get into an Ivy League college but i don't play a sport. I do a lot of other extracurricular activities like playing the violin, community service, DECA, tech crew, and case rally, ect. I wanted to know if colleges look at these clubs as of equal value to sports.

Isabella’s Avatar
Isabella Nov 29, 2022 78 views

What are some good scholarships that are legitimate online?

What are some legitimate scholarships online?

Sydney’s Avatar
Sydney Nov 29, 2022 109 views

How difficult is it to minor in a subject that is not at all related to your major?

I am a senior looking to be a nutritionist/dietician but I still want to pursue musical theater as a minor.

Karlin’s Avatar
Karlin Nov 29, 2022 99 views

How can I land a job that I thoroughly enjoy after college?

I need to commit myself to working as hard as possible. I believe the more time I put into something the better I get and anything that I do to be productive can only help me in the future. So definitely trying to be as productive as possible.

Karlin’s Avatar
Karlin Nov 29, 2022 139 views

What can I do to land a job that I enjoy after college?

I think something that I can do is to work on myself as much as possible when studying. I believe that the more I do something the better I get, and anything that I do productively can only help me in the future.

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob Nov 28, 2022 185 views

Which courses in colleges and universities will best prepare me for pursuing a career in immunology in the future?

I am a senior in high school who has a strong interest in biology, statistics, and latin. I am unsure about which learning areas I should pursue. #Fall22

Jacqueline’s Avatar
Jacqueline Nov 27, 2022 312 views

What are some jobs I can pursue after majoring in biology?

I'm not too sure what jobs majoring in biology would open up. Is a biology major worth it? To biology majors: is it worth majoring in biology?

Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia Nov 27, 2022 180 views

How will I know what career path best suits me?

How did you find the career you have today?

Carolyne’s Avatar
Carolyne Nov 25, 2022 180 views

What's it like being a freshman in college and how does it differ from being a freshman in high school?

I just want to compare my freshman year from high school to what my freshman year might be like in college.

Mairin’s Avatar
Mairin Nov 22, 2022 131 views

How can I make my college experience the most beneficial?

best classes to take, how to get involved,

Rawan’s Avatar
Rawan Nov 21, 2022 127 views

When did you realize that the profession you're in/studying for is something you want to do for the rest of your life?

I've had a countless number of dreams as a kid including becoming a chef, a vet, an artist, etc. My hobbies and interests are constantly fluctuating and it can get in the way of my life sometimes. I recently discovered that I enjoy being around kids, and this has made me wonder if choosing a...

Camrynn’s Avatar
Camrynn Nov 19, 2022 97 views

How will I know I am on the right path?

I am unsure of what I want to do. For a while I wanted to be a teacher, but now I might want to be a lawyer. Either way, my plan is to major in History.

Allyson’s Avatar
Allyson Nov 18, 2022 223 views

Nursing is a very expansive and crucial field of study. I'm sure there are both peaks and valleys to any nurses' career. What is the most difficult part of being a nurse?

I am currently a senior with a great interest in pursuing nursing. My favorite classes are biology, psychology, and anything math related. I can't wait to one day be able to care for the sick, injured, and dying, or provide support for their families and communities. With a strong background in...

jayden’s Avatar
jayden Nov 18, 2022 156 views

Best college degrees for an F.B.I agent?

What is the best degree for a F.B.I agent. What is the most common degree that many agents have ?

Katherine’s Avatar
Katherine Nov 17, 2022 84 views

Do employers look at what college you went to when hiring?

Do certain colleges look better on resumes than others for nursing?

Milan’s Avatar
Milan Nov 16, 2022 162 views

Is it better to wait to obtain your DNP? Is it better to gain experience as an RN before becoming an NP?

Is it better to spend some time working as an RN after obtaining your BSN, or is getting your DNP right after ungrad just as good? Pros and cons to practical work as an RN vs finishing DNP earlier without that experience. #FALL22

Milan’s Avatar
Milan Nov 16, 2022 194 views

What is work like as a hospice Nurse Practitioner?

What does working as a Nurse Practitioner within a hospice care team look like day-to-day? #FALL22

Brianne’s Avatar
Brianne Nov 16, 2022 256 views

What is the best way to stand out from others when applying to colleges?

As someone who wants to study nursing in college and knows how competitive the field is, how do I differentiate myself from others applying? This also goes for the workforce, when I'm applying for different jobs how should my resume and my work experience stand out to make me look like the best...

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Nov 15, 2022 405 views

What prerequisites should I have and are needed to be successful in a business major?

What prerequisites should I have and are needed to be successful in a business major? I am currently a senior at Bourne High School and have started to get accepted into colleges as a business major. I want to know what classes or background information I need to know before stepping into a...

Taylor’s Avatar
Taylor Nov 15, 2022 161 views

How can I prepare for a nursing degree as an incoming college student?

I attend Bourne High School as a 12th grade student. I am interested in pediatric nursing and hope to receive my RN in college. One of my strong qualities is empathy and I care deeply for people around me. This includes friends, family, and members in the community.

Margaret’s Avatar
Margaret Nov 15, 2022 206 views

How do I know which school is the right fit for me?

I have been working on applications and have a variety of schools that I've applied to. How am I supposed to know which one is the one for me?

Katherine’s Avatar
Katherine Nov 14, 2022 136 views

If I want to get a career in nursing, what should I do before college to be as prepared as possible?

Is there any jobs, internships, or shadowing I should do before college to be more prepared? Or research? #Fall22

Sofija’s Avatar
Sofija Nov 14, 2022 256 views

If I want to go into the medical field, should I major (undergrad) in organic chemisty or biology??

I am deciding what to major in going into my freshman year of college, and can't decide between getting a solid understanding in chemisty or biology. Which do you think?

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