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What are the steps in creating your own animation?

I was recently inspired by how animations seem more detailed and animated. I'd notice how in most cartoons, their mouth flaps seem like they're pronouncing each word clearly. And the storyline for most cartoons inspire me to pursue animation. I want to bring characters to life and tell stories. animation art artist design story webseries disney

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2 answers

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Benjamin’s Answer

Hi Candys,

There are 3 main steps to creating an animation 1. Planning 2. Blocking 3. Polish/Splining. 1. The planning stage involves coming up with the scenario of the scene then getting reference footage of your action by either filming it yourself or finding it online, if it's a dangerous action then just find footage done by professionals online. Once you have your footage analyze it to observe how the motion works and adjusting by drawing out the poses I would recommend buying the book simplified drawing for planning animation to help you with this process. 2. Blocking requires you to take your planning and start applying it to your animation by laying out the important “Storytelling” poses of a character first and then adding in the other poses needed to describe the action. 3. The splining / polishing stage requires you to add in all the remaining poses needed to describe the action and then once you’ve completed all the necessary poses look through your animation again to see what could be improved on or tweaked.
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Kuen’s Answer

I have seen an animation done, just like a flip book of images, several images of one thing, where there are small changes to each one and they are cycled though by programed code to show the animation.