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ethan’s Avatar
ethan Jul 03, 2023 429 views

what do i need to study to be an animation director?

i don't know what to study to be an animation director

Ben’s Avatar
Ben Oct 30, 2022 617 views

High school classes for Game Development and Animation?

Are there any classes I should take during high school if I want to get into software/game development and/or animation?

Candys’s Avatar
Candys Jun 23, 2021 938 views

What are the steps in creating your own animation?

I was recently inspired by how animations seem more detailed and animated. I'd notice how in most cartoons, their mouth flaps seem like they're pronouncing each word clearly. And the storyline for most cartoons inspire me to pursue animation. I want to bring characters to life and tell stories....

Candys’s Avatar
Candys Jun 22, 2021 486 views

What programs are better to start off with?

I want to pursue an animation career, but I've never used any animation programs to get me on that path. #animation #design #art

Jesua’s Avatar
Jesua Feb 01, 2022 1991 views

What kind of problems do animators face in their jobs?

It could be struggles with mental health, overwork, low pay or anything in general to give me a vague idea to things I need to keep an eye on before entering the industry. [some advice on what is expected of me while I work would also be helpful] #animation #artist #art

Xochitl’s Avatar
Xochitl May 19, 2021 1370 views

How many hours do animators work for?

I want to be able to know how much time it’ll take off my day to be a animator and what would be my usual schedule. #animation