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San Francisco, California
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I want to be a professional animator and artist.


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Jesua Apr 04, 2022 256 views

How often do animation studios look for new employees?

the frequency that studios usually hire new workers, in this case animators or artists

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Jesua Apr 04, 2022 200 views

Are degrees a major requirement in animation?

I have heard you don't really need a degree in animation to work as an animator, but some jobs do require them. I'm curious to know whether you really need one or not.

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Jesua Feb 01, 2022 1015 views

What kind of problems do animators face in their jobs?

It could be struggles with mental health, overwork, low pay or anything in general to give me a vague idea to things I need to keep an eye on before entering the industry. [some advice on what is expected of me while I work would also be helpful] #animation #artist #art