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Darin D. Aug 06, 2018 211 views

What does studying abroad offer that studying on campus doesn't?

pros/cons? any important information you know on this topic in general? #studyabroad #overseas...


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Kennedy S. Jan 17, 2018 217 views

How do I get into a college overseas?

I know it’ll be a really good opportunity but I’m worried that they won’t take students from other countries or that it would be too costly. #overseas #college #college-admissions...


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Ciera M. Jan 17, 2018 305 views

How can I prepare to teach English as a second language?

I am interested in going to Japan as an English teacher. Currently, I am planning to attend a university in Virginia to earn a BA in English. I am also studying Japanese on my own. Since I'm new to this whole idea of teaching English as a second language, I was wondering if there is anything...

#japan #overseas #teaching #working-overseas #teaching-english-as-a-second-language-tefl

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Leah A. Feb 08, 2017 419 views

Will going abroad for your first job increase your chances for jobs back home?

I'm planning on going abroad for my first job. It will be a teaching job and I don't have any serious career ideas. I don't know what job I would be working if I stay home instead so I'm assuming staying or leaving won't makeba huge difference in what I care about, unless I find something...

#overseas #working-abroad