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How do I get into a college overseas?

I know it’ll be a really good opportunity but I’m worried that they won’t take students from other countries or that it would be too costly. #overseas #college #college-admissions #study-abroad

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Col Sen’s Answer

Hello Kennedy,

Good idea to get into an overseas college! Well, cost depends upon the country you wish to go for studies and type of course/curriculum, type of institute: private or public college/university and length of studies etc. However, in this side of the world, i.e. India, China, Singapore would be much cheaper than your own country. There are many students who wish to pursue studies in India they go to various universities in India like Vishwa Bhartati, Shantiniketan, JNU and DU, New Delhi. For technology and management, IITs and IIMs are some of the best destinations for anu student in the globe. An IIT and IIM combo is deadliest combination I have seen in life. They are most sought after guys across the world, name any big company or organisation, you will find IITians and IIM grads are leading. You may not be knowing that those students who do not make in IITs say for computer sciences they get into Ivy League (Havard/Stanford/Cornell/MIT etc) in USA with scholarship. In case you wish to study arts subjects (other then STEM) you can choose many good universities like Delhi University, JNU, Osmaniya University, Pune University and so on. Vishwa Bharati is most sought after by the students who wish to study Tagore, Noble Winner form India and Bengali literature. Then there are many other universities who oofer Indian philosophy, Sanskrit, Yoga, Naturopathy courses etc at a very low cost. So you need to make up your mind as to what subject, which country/university etc, then things will move. So stop thinking about ifs and buts but start acting and that to early.

Following are the steps you must follow :

  1. Select your subject which you wish to pursue, search universities that offer seats to foreign students and decide based on your own selection criteria like : cost, quality of education, weather and placement and many other issues which you need to consider.
  2. Apply to those universities/colleges which you have selected. You may have to appear some examination which are mandatory for a foreign student like TOEFL/SAT etc.
  3. In case, you need help/clarification, visit consulate of that country in USA and carry out further analysis. Once finalised/selected the university, close up through for application process to admission.
  4. Then apply for loan/scholarship.
  5. Plan for travel and get down to university/college life.

Col Sen recommends the following next steps:

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