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How should i get idea for my new ui/ux project!?

I am keen to work and solve UI/UX problems but I am running out of new unique ideas, its research phase for me. any ideas on how and what should I work on!?
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3 answers

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JJ’s Answer

Hi Aesha!

Find a topic, website, etc you're interested in! As long as there are people involved, there will always be UI/UX issues that can be improved upon. After you've narrowed that down, start talking to users to understand what they like/dislike, sources of frustration, etc. With that rich data, you'll have a clear sense as to how the product, service, or website can be improved.

Best of luck and have fun exploring!


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Taylor’s Answer

Hey Aesha! Great idea!

I think some of the most interesting research projects might be just looking at existing websites you love to use and thinking on what you can improve or make faster. That way, you have a foundation to start on and you don't have to come up with some entirely new. Its also a great way for employment if you want to work at that particular place.

Good luck with your search!

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Angela’s Answer

Hi Aesha,

Working on a side UI/UX project is great but you do not have to reinvent the wheel. Really examine the products you use on a daily basis and think, "if I were to make this product, how would I design it?". You can apply this thought process to any product: digital or physical. Once you have an idea you would like to focus on think about the user journey, hierarchy of information and UI design. Create your own hypothesis about how these changes would improve the user experience and test it with people to give you feedback.

Good luck!