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How can I learn to train service dogs?

Asked Ogden, Utah

I love dogs and training them and I am interested in service dog training #service #disabilities #dogs

2 answers

Carolyn’s Answer

Updated Boise, Idaho

Volunteering at local rescues and humane societies and training your own dog basic commands are vital 1st steps. After mastering basic commands I would suggest training your dog to pass the Good Canine Citizen Test (http://www.akc.org/dog-owners/training/canine-good-citizen/) and then an Animal Assisited Therapy test (most volunteer organizations have their own specific tests). I would also suggest searching to the see if your area has a non-profit service dog training organization to volunteer at. Canine Companions for Independence is the largest in non profit assistance animal the US (CCI.org)

Jess’s Answer

Updated Fremont, California

I'd start by getting some general dog handling skills under your belt! You can go to your local SPCA or animal rescue and apply to be a volunteer, they typically have training courses for you to learn basic dog handling and it's a great place to practice!