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How do I become a cardiologist?

It's my dream career!

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2 answers

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Alyssa K.’s Answer

Hi Janani!

I hope all is well. I agree with Alma that you obtain a Bachelors's first, then you pursue Medical School.
Common Undergrad Majors: Biology, Chemistry, Psychology

To add, it can be very helpful to work PRN or part-time if possible in a Cardiology space,
whether it be at a local hospital or a private medical practice. This is a great way to hands-on experience.

An example of a position that may be of interest is:


I hope this helps, I wish you well on your academic and career journey!

Alyssa Cole

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Alma’s Answer

Hi there,

In order to become a Cardiologist one must receive an undergraduate degree and then attend medical school. After that, typically Cardiologists do an Internal Medicine residency followed by a Cardiology fellowship.

Best of luck!!!