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juan Feb 12, 2021 501 views


My name is Juan Quiroz iam going back college
i like to study the parts of the body i like to know more about the human body and their parts ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY #dental-hygienist

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Dalton Feb 11, 2021 502 views

How would I go about starting up a buisness in the future

I'm a sophomore in high school and I want to have my own company I really enjoy film making or editing and want to know how I could start up a business in the future for these topics I'm interested in #business #high-school

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Nabila Jan 28, 2021 714 views

What classes do I need to become a teacher or work with little kids

#Working #working with little kids # preschool teacher #teacher # school college

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mariam Jan 30, 2021 513 views

how should i get motivaited

i like to craft stuff and have my own shop , im 13 years old and im not sur if i want to be afashion designer #architecture

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Deana Jan 21, 2021 1324 views

What can I do with an Anthropology degree that is not only Anthropology?

I pursued an Anthropology degree because I thoroughly enjoyed learning the four branches of Anthropology and what they offered within each branch. However, I do not want to pursue a career as an anthropologist. So I was wondering what else could I do with the degree? What career fields out...

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Ethan Jan 21, 2021 522 views

How to know what college is right for you?

Finding the right college for me is proving to be difficult. I was always thinking about going to Penn State, but now other people's advice are steering me away from going there. It also doesn't help that I am still unsure about my major. To provide you with my preferred qualities for a...

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Elyse Jan 21, 2021 1296 views

What Highschool and College classes should I take to become a zookeeper?

I would like to be a zookeeper, but I don't know which classes to take during high school.

Thank you for your time. #zookeeper #high-school-classes

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Eloy Dec 07, 2020 621 views

What kind of experience do you need to be a shuttle driver?

#job #experience

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Ally Oct 19, 2020 389 views

What is the hardest part of the job?

#gynecologist #reproductive health

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Kendal Oct 19, 2020 399 views

Is it fun being a Anesthesiologist


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Cutieee Nov 27, 2020 513 views

Paints harmful effects...

I study in class 7 so plz give the answer like that class of answer #classes #project

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Nadia Oct 19, 2020 416 views

What methods to help kids work best and most od the time?


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Michael Apr 06, 2018 754 views

If I want to be a Coach where should I start?


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Cyrus Oct 13, 2020 621 views

Whats the best customer service technique to use in the HVAC field

I'm a job corps students whats the best way i could prepare to deal with customers? #HVAC #Customer-service

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janani May 05, 2016 935 views

How do I become a cardiologist?

It's my dream career!

[P.S. This question was edited by a site admin for grammar and clarity.] #college #doctor #healthcare #health #hospital-and-health-care #cardiology