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Whats the best customer service technique to use in the HVAC field

I'm a job corps students whats the best way i could prepare to deal with customers? #hvac #customer-service

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4 answers

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Kim’s Answer

Treat them the way you would want your grandmother treated!

Understand that not everyone knows HVAC lingo. So you will need to take your time explaining things. Explain the options. Help them to make informed decisions, so they can prioritize what they spend money on, because most people cannot afford to do everything that is recommended.

It's like my car with the oil leak. It's coming from a non-pressurized part of the system, so, even if that gasket totally fails, it's not like I'm going to suddenly lose all 5 quarts of oil. So, I just keep adding a quart every 300 miles. It's a lot cheaper in the short term, but of course, over time, it's cheaper to make the repair. But, I don't HAVE to.

Be cautious when explaining financing options- some people get offended when you "suggest" that they don't have money. Very touchy area.

Also be prepared for people like my Dad, who want to stand over your shoulder and ask questions and make small talk. They are out there. Sorry! But also remember, a lot of our seniors are lonely, so, you being there might be the best thing to happen to them all week. Try hard to connect with them, but, remember, you can't let them slow you down or your company will be all over you. You need to find a tactful way to explain that.

Hope this helps!

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Debra’s Answer

Hi Cyrus,
Listening is key! Be sure to allow your customer to fully explain their needs. Obtain the history of the situation. For instance, you may be the 3rd contractor called to repair the problem. Find out what steps were previously taken to remedy the problem so that you are not repeating. Evaluate the situation and report back with your findings, this will allow the customer to build trust and have a say in proceeding with the repair. If you are unable to determine the problem, reachout to someone with experience that you know and trust, they may be able to assist you with determining the problem. After your job is complete and successful, ask your customer to write a review for you on Yelp or social media! Good Luck!

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Alma’s Answer

Always assume people are coming from a positive place and are just curious to learn more.

Best of luck!

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Hassan’s Answer

Treat them like you'd expect to be treated yourself. Be friendly but professional since they're your customer.