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jazmyn F.’s Avatar
jazmyn F. May 15, 2017 741 views

What type of doctor should I be?

I want to live in Canada and be a famous figure skater on Canada's Olympic team but I want to have a real career. my plans were either a pediatrician or an ob-gyn. What should I do? health-care career-details medicine...


Asaad P.’s Avatar
Asaad P. May 22, 2018 502 views

What majors should I take in college in order to be a successful architect?

I am currently a junior in high school and in a couple of months I will start the application process in order to get into my selected colleges. However, I am not sure what other majors I should take in college in order to become a very successful architect. So far I am thinking of taking a lot...


Steve S.’s Avatar
Steve S. Nov 29, 2018 220 views

How do I become a Foerst Ranger in New York Staate

I want to protect the Adirondack Parks natural resources Adirondack Park Adirondack Forest...

Kawika K.’s Avatar
Kawika K. Nov 18, 2019 163 views
Oscar R.’s Avatar
Oscar R. Aug 25, 2020 217 views

Can a undocumented immigrant apply for advance parole?

I saw somewhere that a undocumented person can apply for advance parole to get a legal reentry to adjust status to permanent residence. advice immigration...


Alexis B.’s Avatar
Alexis B. Aug 31, 2020 223 views

Do you recommend going to get your masters degree in architecture?

Does having a masters degree help you make more money? Will having a masters set you apart from others?# career-path...


Ivette A.’s Avatar
Ivette A. Aug 31, 2020 232 views

.. I never finished high school and would like to get into real estate,, should I take certain math courses or any other courses to get started?

Im Stay at home Mom, for quite sum time. .Doubtful, tho I know I have potential. . Trying to get myself into a profession where I can possibly make good money. No clue where to start. No high school diploma....


cristoval S.’s Avatar
cristoval S. Sep 03, 2020 296 views

Would you prefer carpentry as your career or architecture?

Being a carpenter was always a job i wanted since a kid. Architecture on the other hand has been my dream job. I would enjoy learning about designing buildings and write blueprints. Carpentry...