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What can I do with an Anthropology degree that is not only Anthropology?

I pursued an Anthropology degree because I thoroughly enjoyed learning the four branches of Anthropology and what they offered within each branch. However, I do not want to pursue a career as an anthropologist. So I was wondering what else could I do with the degree? What career fields out there are very accepting of an Anthropology degree? #career #curious #jobsearch

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2 answers

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Alma’s Answer

Hi Deana,

To get started, think about the skills you gained as an Anthropology major. One that comes to mind is research. Have you ever heard of User Experience Research? In this role, you would be able to put your research skills to work by interview people to uncover consumer needs and making recommendations to your company.

Since Anthropology is all about studying humans, I suggest you look into careers in people operations (human resources), recruiting, or customer support.

I hope this information was helpful!
Alma Aguilar
Thank you comment icon Adding to Alma's answer - I will add two other roles (entry level) - Diversity and Inclusion and Customer Success Specialist. These are fast-growing sectors on LinkedIn and are relatively "new" compared to more traditional roles in America. Juan Ramos
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Sierra’s Answer

Hello Deana,
My undergraduate is in Anthropology as well. I too found that even though I liked the field, I did not want to do it as a career. Good news for you is that Anthropology is an excellent spring board into a wide variety of fields! In my first career I found a lot of success working as a hospitality major in a famous national park. I had some amazing outdoor experiences! Later, I decided to go into the medical field and got my doctorate in Occupational Therapy (very misleading name, it has nothing to do with people's jobs) where I provided physical and mental rehabilitation for individuals who have experienced illness, injury or disabilities. I love my job everyday! My point to sharing my story is you can do anything you want to with a degree in Anthropology, as long as you are willing to fill in the gaps here and there with supplemental courses. What I would encourage you to focus on is what YOU would like to do. Take time to shadow individuals in that field. Do your research on what it requires to be successful in that field and then go for it. A quick list of fields that are conducive to Anthropology would include:

1. Healthcare
2. Law
3. Customer Service
4. Hospitality
5. Teaching
6. Research
7. Government/foreign service

Best of luck in your search!