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Career Questions tagged Study Tips

Lavche’s Avatar
Lavche Oct 02, 2020 361 views

How to get A and B's

#school #study-tips

Nyria’s Avatar
Nyria Jun 29, 2018 511 views

What are good study habits/study advise I should use for my senior year and for my freshman year of college?

Textbooks? Websites? Time management? #college #psychology #academic-advising #studying #study-tips

M’s Avatar
M May 23, 2018 464 views

Any suggestions on memorizing overwhelming amounts of information effectively and efficiently?

No matter how much I try to prep early for my tests, I always become overwhelmed when studying for my tests for the sheer amount of things I need to memorize in a short amount of time. It doesn't help that my professors would only tell us what topics are on the exams less than a week before...

Zander’s Avatar
Zander Apr 18, 2018 654 views

What study tips can help an easily distracted mind manage college expectations?

Like many, this is my first time away from home for an extended time. I am nervous about managing my personal focus and organization skills without support. I look forward to the social aspect of going to college, but worry about managing my studies in a timely manner. I know of support...

Maddisyn’s Avatar
Maddisyn Mar 15, 2018 702 views

Studying Tips

As I will be going into college this upcoming fall I would like to hear any tips that you may have when it comes to note taking and studying for my classes. #studying-tips #study-habits #studying #study-tips #college-advice #college

Brittany’s Avatar
Brittany Jan 23, 2018 616 views

How can I keep up my grades in college?

I want to maintain a good college GPA so I can better succeed and possibly achieve more scholarships from my good grades.

#grades #study-tips #gpa

Donovan’s Avatar
Donovan Jan 17, 2018 2125 views

What is the best study habit to have for any class?

The reason why because I don't have a consistent study habit.#study-tips #studying #academic-advising #time-management #study-skills

Monique’s Avatar
Monique Sep 01, 2017 645 views

What are some good study habits especially for classes like math and science?

I've never really had good study habits before and those classes are really difficult for me. #study-tips #science #math

Devetra’s Avatar
Devetra Apr 29, 2017 968 views

In college how do you organize your studying during finals week?

Finals are here and stressed out. #english #astronomy #history #college #study-tips

Georgia’s Avatar
Georgia Feb 01, 2017 849 views

Studying tips for visual learners

Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any good studying tips for visual learners, or just some good tips in general! I have found that writing everything out in a colour co-ordinated fashion is good for me but I am looking for other ways to revise! #studies #studying-tips #exams #study-tips

Stephanie’s Avatar
Stephanie Dec 29, 2016 878 views

Whats better- getting more sleep before your test or staying up all night studying?

I am a student athlete and often crunched for time when it comes to studying! I am usually very tired and opt for sleeping before the test but I always wonder if I should use those six hours of sleep to study more. #college #school #time-management #work-life-balance #planning #studying #time...

Daria’s Avatar
Daria Jan 05, 2015 1857 views

What do I do if I'm low-average in school? Will I still get into a college? Any college? I'm in ninth grade currently

And does anybody have any studying strategies that helps you learn well? #college-admissions #high-school #help #study-tips