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What study tips can help an easily distracted mind manage college expectations?

Like many, this is my first time away from home for an extended time. I am nervous about managing my personal focus and organization skills without support. I look forward to the social aspect of going to college, but worry about managing my studies in a timely manner. I know of support services that my college will provide, but we students still have to be in charge of our time management. Do you have suggestions on managing our daily study habits? Thank you!

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4 answers

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Grant’s Answer

In my personal experience, if I needed to really refocus on stuff I'll set my phone aside somewhere I can't see or hear it, and maybe put on some music that has no vocals so I don't get distracted with the words. Setting time aside devoted to studying is very helpful, so the most regular schedule you can set will always help you get what you need to done.
It's important to have a social life but don't trade your academics for fun! The earlier you get all of your studying and schoolwork done, the more flexible you can be to hang out with friends. If you have a strong grasp of your studies and have a schedule that you stick to, you can do all the fun stuff you like.
Another tip I like to share is whenever I have a test, I will study every day starting AT LEAST a week in advance. This way you don't have to cram and your subconscious mind will help grasp the info even when you aren't working on it.
Note cards and to-do lists are always helpful for me as well, get addicted to marking assignments off your list! There isn't a better feeling than marking the last thing off your list and being completely free!

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Trevor’s Answer

Hello, I’m in my second year of college myself, and the single biggest thing that kept me from studying properly, was the distractions around me. My biggest piece of advice would be to study in a place where your distractions are minimized, i.e. a library or school study hall if one is available. Apart from that, as others have mentioned, create a detailed schedule. Map out what times will be devoted specifically to studying and stick to it, also, don’t shortchange your study time, devote a meaningful chunk of time to it, at least an hour or hour and a half.

Trevor recommends the following next steps:

Create a study schedule.
Find a quiet, distraction-free place to study.

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jonathan’s Answer

i too had opportunities when it came to focus and organization. Regardless how silly something may sound, you have to come up with a strategy that works for you. For me that started with making a list the night before of the tasks i needed to get done the next day. Then I would get up and get them done first thing as it seemed to be the time where I had the least interuptions. I would also have my phone off or away as to not distract me. No matter what you decide, you should have a clear thought out plan and try to stick with it as much as possible.

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Rebecca’s Answer

I would encourage you to manage your schedule by setting time aside. You need to look at priorities and learn to look at what is due first, which subject requires more of your time and focus, etc. I get easily distracted as well and I find that taking a 5 minute break every half hour really helps. Do some jumping jacks or walk around a bit. It's important to be flexible as things come up but try to stick to study time set aside as closely as possible.

Rebecca recommends the following next steps:

Look for a good app planner or use google calendar on your phone. Set blocks of study time PER subject aside.

Thank you! It will be interesting, learning to manage organizational skills by myself. Zander W.