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What are tips to build strong study habits, especially with honors and AP classes?

The best advice is for you to actually want to build a good study habit because if you really dont want to you wont build none. Javon A.
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4 answers

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Simeon’s Answer

It's honestly much better to study in small ten to fifteen minutes sessions multiple times per week as opposed to cram studying. It's way less stressful and the information sticks better. You know how TV advertisements are trying to repeat the same message to you in small chunks multiple times per week? It's the same thing. Our brains retain information way better when its repeated often in small chunks. When you have multiple hour study sessions, the odds are that you're going to be zoning off once the first thirty to forty minutes have passed.
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Bleakney’s Answer

I used to teach a course called “Essential Study Skills” to 5th graders. By now, I’m sure you’ve developed some of your own. A well-researched fact for memorization is to read out loud, as opposed to yourself. When learning vocabulary, use index cards (1 Card per word/phrase) with vocabulary on the front and definition on the back. This system is clean and tidy, plus when you have someone quizzing you, it’s clearer in your mind. Again, say the vocabulary out loud, as well as the definition. If you’re not able to focus in complete silence, try classical music on low. The beats keep you going and sometimes coincide with your heartbeat. Never study when sleepy or hungry; it’s a fail. Are you a night owl or an early bird? Choose those extra hours for a healthy snack and extra time for review or work.

Bleakney recommends the following next steps:

100s of index cards. Great investment, not expensive
Get in the routine of reading out loud and “learning” out loud. It’s a quicker path to your brain!
Avoid studying when tired or hungry...get in a power nap (with your alarm!) or grab a healthy snack. Don’t waste your time.
When you’re in your favorite study place, if it’s too quiet, add classical music in the background. Try it!
Always do your best to be prepared. Remember, there is no such thing as a dumb question!
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surbhi’s Answer

Set goals

Make daily timeline for yourself that will help you reach your goals

When you sit to study, put all the distractions away, no phone, no music or TV.Do a focused study

surbhi recommends the following next steps:

Write down what you want to achieve from your honors or AP course
Write what you need to do to achieve your goal
Take baby steps
Make a schedule
Be true to yourself and stick to it, Right before you sit down to study, bring your mind's awareness to what you are going to do and study with focus
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Estelle’s Answer

I was in school for 25 years. I learned during my education that the best way to master material was to study every day. At least for thirty minutes but often for several hours depending on the course load.