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In college how do you organize your studying during finals week?

Updated Jacksonville, Florida

Finals are here and stressed out. #english #astronomy #history #college #study-tips

4 answers

Amy’s Answer

Updated Sparta Township, New Jersey

I hope your finals went well. I'm sure with all this great advice, you did great. I would add only one additional note... make sure you take care of yourself, both physically and mentally. It sounds very motherly, but you have to give yourself a break, too, and while I know you have a lot to cram in, sometimes an hour break for mindless TV or music or a game can help you focus better when you're back at it. Make sure you're getting enough sleep and eating right. You will always perform better when you're rested and fueled. And then, when you're done with one test, give yourself a small reward...maybe a luxurious bath or a good workout or a walk around the block...to free yourself from the stress of your test and then you'll be ready to start on the prep for the next. It's a lot. It's hard and it's stressful. You'll be better if you take good care of yourself, too. Best of luck!!

John Randall’s Answer

Updated Chicago, Illinois

Study your weakest subject first. Study the next weakest, then the strongest. Finally study your weakest study again. Instead of cramming, study for fifty minutes then break of ten. Go back to the 50/10 formula until it's time to sleep. Turn off all your devices and keep friends away, this is not a social gathering. If you need to be alone to study, use the library or some similar space. Okay, now I said to turn off all of your devices. Good luck JRL Right before testing, review your weakest subject again.

Kim’s Answer

Updated San Antonio, Texas

Wow, so it's too late for this now, but please please please take this free class during the break! It is awesome, interesting, and teaches some neat things. John is right on target. Breaks are important. Closing all tabs except the ones you are studying is important. No text messages ,no email. But, if music helps, then listen to it! If you need to learn the relationship between certain ideas, it might help to diagram them. If there is a lot of vocabulary, make flash cards. If there are things that need memorizing, make sayings or other memory tricks for remembering them.

Anyway, here is the class. Best of luck this semester! https://www.coursera.org/learn/learning-how-to-learn

Mark’s Answer

Updated Sacramento, California

Hi Devetra, I'd suggest taking a look at your notes and books, and study whatever didn't make sense while listening to your teachers and then taking a quiz. As Mom taught us, you don't memorize unless it's chemistry or biology or analogy. It's better now and certainly later to think about the subject and why the detail's important. Most of those exams will provide 3 or 4 answers for you to chose what's correct. And you could relax on your sofa or bed while reading again to feel more confident that you do understand the subject. Believe me, like all of us, you've got to have the guts to pass more tests, more interviews for your career and enjoy your best friendships. Best wishes, Mark Wagner