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Melinda Jan 30, 2023 967 views

What careers use AI/Machine Learning?

I'm interested in getting a career in AI. Which jobs work with it regularly and what education should I get to get there?

Sol’s Avatar
Sol Feb 08, 2023 649 views

What is a typical day like for an IT Project Manager?

I think this might be my dream career, and I would really like to see if it is a good fit for me.

Ching’s Avatar
Ching Feb 17, 2023 813 views

What do I need to study in college to get into a career involving renewable energy?

I am interested in the renewable energy sector because I think it will be the next big thing given how the US government is actively invested with new legislation. I want to help develop the technology to capture renewable energy; however, I don't know what to major in. If you can, could you...

Nga’s Avatar
Nga Jul 18, 2020 878 views

What are some ways I can become a volunteer dog walker?

#college-admissions #volunteer #july20 #dogs #exercise

Flint’s Avatar
Flint Mar 24, 2021 1095 views

How do I get in contact with more professionals?

I am in college for imaging science and film and I want to learn how to make more contacts in the field. #film-production #experienced #technology #film

Kayse’s Avatar
Kayse May 05, 2021 901 views

What are the benefits for a bachelors degree?

#business #career #career-path

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Aug 17, 2016 1420 views

Would it be smart to be a physician's assistant rather than a physician?

I would really like to go into the medical field. I would love to be a physician. However, I was wondering if perhaps being a physician's assistant was a better option. It would be less schooling, which would cost less money. #medicine #school #physician #assistant

Kiana’s Avatar
Kiana Aug 22, 2016 1965 views

What makes a sport great?

There are multiple sports across the world, yet only some are more respected than others. Why is this so? For example, in the 2016 Rio Olympics handball is as an olympic sport, but it is looked down upon by most people as a joke. I am interested in the answer of this question since it is...

Caleb’s Avatar
Caleb Aug 18, 2016 1067 views

What should I major in to become a sports agent? What skill set is needed? Also, what is a day as a sports agent like?

I'd love to become a sports agent, however, I don't know the best steps or what its like. How do you get noticed and picked up as an agent? What are the best schools and a target ACT score?
Thanks to all those who answer! #sports-management #sports-marketing #sports-agent

Stephanie’s Avatar
Stephanie Oct 15, 2016 918 views

Hello, my name is Stephanie and I am a senior in high school. Im really interested in becoming a dental hygienist and my question is, Does it make a diffrence if you get your associates degree rather then your bachelors?

Hello, my name is Stephanie and I am a senior in high school. How many years all together of college would I complete with an associate's degree? Is it a fun and easy job? Do I have to start off as a dental assistant? #dentistry #dental-hygienist #dental-assistant

Heather’s Avatar
Heather May 15, 2016 1236 views

What is the best career choice for a mathematics major?

I'm interested in majoring in mathematics in college and I'm very certain of that choice but I just don't know what type of career path I should follow. I know I don't want to become a teacher or get involved in something like accounting. I'm actually very good at solving puzzles and logical...