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San Francisco, California
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I want to be accepted into a university to develop my technical skills, enabling me to work in the tech industry, as a software engineer, data scientist, or machine learning engineer.



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Melinda May 12, 2023 608 views

How did you choose your college?

To seniors who have just committed to your college, or to others that have in the past, how did you decide which one to commit to?

In terms of priority, which factors were more important, i.e. what were the deciding factors?

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Melinda May 12, 2023 2235 views

Software engineer vs. UI/UX designer?

I think I want to become a software engineer or a UI/UX designer. Is there a career that would encapsulate both these roles? Also, many engineering focused schools, such as Purdue, offers a wide range of specific majors like computer science, UI/UX design, web design, etc. I know that...

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Melinda Jan 30, 2023 956 views

What careers use AI/Machine Learning?

I'm interested in getting a career in AI. Which jobs work with it regularly and what education should I get to get there?

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Melinda Jan 30, 2023 641 views

What universities or colleges should I look into/research as someone looking to go software engineering/AI?

I know that I want to have a career as a software engineer or a career that has something to do with AI (although I'm not sure what). Are there any colleges that specialize in this that aren't as well known? Or colleges that you all recommend? Saying this because I recently discovered RIT...

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Melinda Oct 26, 2022 441 views

Likelihood of getting hired as a front end developer?

I'm a junior in high school learning web development. I really enjoy designing websites and I want to focus on the front-end. Is the salary and likelihood of getting hired lower for a front-end developer or a back-end and full stack developer?

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Melinda Oct 26, 2022 385 views

Which programming languages should I focus on?

I am a junior in high school. I want to pursue a career as a software engineer. I'm currently in a fellowship where I'm learning basic web development languages and React, but I want to have more languages under my belt. Which languages would be best for me to focus my time on?

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Melinda Sep 27, 2022 835 views

Should I take AP Chem or AP Stats?

I plan to major in Computer Science and become a software engineer. Should I take these classes?