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Career Questions tagged Assistant

Megan R.’s Avatar
Megan R. Nov 29 32 views

Routes to remote admin assistant position?

Trying to build out my resume with volunteer remote work and training on things like excel but not sure how to get my foot in. job-application job...


erika Z.’s Avatar
erika Z. Oct 17, 2019 235 views

What made you wan to pursue your current career?

I am currently in training to become an Medical Administrative Assistant and would like to know a few things before I continue with my training. healthcare medicine administrative assistant...


David S.’s Avatar
David S. Mar 20, 2019 242 views

What are the challenges that lie ahead.

My trade is medical office assistant support. I'd like to know what I need to do to be prepared and would like to know how to do the challenging tasks and how to work through it. medicine healthcare hospital-and-healthcare office assistant administrative-assistant...


RAVI M.’s Avatar
RAVI M. Feb 14, 2018 390 views

Railway Assistant Loco Pilot Recruitment 2018

How many posts have been announced for assistant loco pilot? railway railroad...


Sarah H.’s Avatar
Sarah H. Nov 28, 2018 465 views

I'm feeling lost in my Public Relations studies, considering applying for an "executive assistant" position.

I have an internship at a student-run agency at my university but I feel like I'm still not getting "real world" experience. Two of my foundational classes for my major were with terrible professors that no longer work for the department and I don't want to prolong my graduation any longer/pay...

college job executiveassistant pr graduation college-major assistant publicrelations career job-search career-counseling

Bre'Shana A.’s Avatar
Bre'Shana A. Aug 31, 2017 380 views

As time goes on, does being a physician's assistant become harder and kind of boring to do?

I'm interested in becoming a physician's assistant, but I'm not sure if it's the right choice for me physician...


Sara A.’s Avatar
Sara A. May 18, 2016 472 views

How do you balance both college and the 500 hours of shadowing or health care experience needed to get into a successful Physician Assistant program?

After getting my bachelors, I would like to apply to a PA school. PA schools require several hours of on-patient care. So all the while of trying to maintain a 3.5 or higher, I have to become an E.R. scribe or a CNA. medicine healthcare physicians...


Michael  K.’s Avatar
Michael K. Oct 19, 2016 490 views

Is getting into a Physician Assistant Program competitive? How Competitive?

I am asking because I would like to become a P.A physician...


Ashley B.’s Avatar
Ashley B. Aug 17, 2016 840 views

Would it be smart to be a physician's assistant rather than a physician?

I would really like to go into the medical field. I would love to be a physician. However, I was wondering if perhaps being a physician's assistant was a better option. It would be less schooling, which would cost less money. medicine school physician...


Joel E.’s Avatar
Joel E. Jun 08, 2015 896 views

What are some unique skills and experience that are rare and critical in the medical industry? p.s preferably anesthesiologist

The reason for this question is because i want to have get an understanding of how the work environment might be, and also learn which skills would come in handy throughout medical school. student physician anesthesiologist...


Kyrasia P.’s Avatar
Kyrasia P. Mar 29, 2014 2769 views

Nursing Track Vs. Pre-med and physician assistant ? What's the different role?

Hi, I am a senior in high school. I am interested in being a doctor particularly a family doctor because I want to work with all ages and both sexes. I was taking family medicine or emergency medicine. However, I always thought of doctors don't have direct- contact with patients like a nurse...

assistant healthcare nurse-practitioner medicine doctor physician pre-med

Cheyenne411 .’s Avatar
Cheyenne411 . Jun 30, 2013 36784 views

difference between an Obstetrician, Midwife and Physician assistant

I'm 17 and going to be a senior this year, I'm really worried because I have not decided what career I want to pursue. I would love to be around pregnant people and work in a hospital. But I don't want to spend my whole life in the hospital working because I want a family and want to be there,...

assistant obstetrician babies mid-wife pageant physician