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Career Questions tagged Mid Wife

frantchelle’s Avatar
frantchelle Feb 24, 2021 370 views

How do I find a career that suits me better?

I'm a student in year 11, & I would like to have a career in the medical field. Right now, I am leaning more towards mid-wife but I want to see what other careers that may interest me.
#medical field #mid-wife #suitable # #career-goals #future #career

Kiah’s Avatar
Kiah Mar 24, 2015 1484 views

In a day to day life, would you rather be a obstetrician or Mid-Wife ?

I would like to choose the career path of being a mid-wife or obstetrician because I want to experience then a woman giving child birth. I want this experience because I've watched television channels and I have seen that it's a beautiful thing when babies come into the world. #obstetrician...

Gisely’s Avatar
Gisely Feb 25, 2015 1746 views

Obstetrician or midwife?

I am a Junior but I really want to decide which career I should do. I cannot decide between obstetrician or midwife. What are some pros and cons of each? #obstetrician #mid-wife

Nairobi ’s Avatar
Nairobi Feb 11, 2015 1044 views

If I apply to a school and they do not have nursing (only RN nursing), but I want to be a midwife, what should my path be or my next step?

Hello, my name is Nairobi and I am a senior in High school. I go to school in Dorchester, and I have applied to colleges already and have been accepted into my first college choice, which is Framingham State University. They do not have nursing for first year students but have RN courses, which...

Shana’s Avatar
Shana Mar 26, 2014 982 views

If I was to go to college for my Associate Degree in nursing, can I then go to another college for my Masters and become a Midwife?

I want to become a midwife nurse and the school that I am considering does not offer Masters in nursing, This school is my number one school that I want ot go to despite the major. #mid-wife

Cheyenne411’s Avatar
Cheyenne411 Jun 30, 2013 40123 views

difference between an Obstetrician, Midwife and Physician assistant

I'm 17 and going to be a senior this year, I'm really worried because I have not decided what career I want to pursue. I would love to be around pregnant people and work in a hospital. But I don't want to spend my whole life in the hospital working because I want a family and want to be there,...

DejaCodman2’s Avatar
DejaCodman2 Sep 08, 2012 1751 views

what is the difference between an OBGYN and a mid-wife?

I am a sophomore who is interested in delivering babies and caring for women #doctor #medicine #healthcare #mid-wife