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Career Questions tagged Radiation

Abby’s Avatar
Abby Feb 02 230 views

Is radiation therapy stressful? Especially now, are you adequately staffed? Are you able use PTO? Do you get PTO? Is there a lot of overtime?

Hello, currently in school for radiation therapy but haven't started clinicals. I'm really stressed about the job as I'm learning I don't deal well with the stress of school and working. The hospitals around me seem to be overrun and overtime is simply constant and expected. I do not want to...

Elisa’s Avatar
Elisa Mar 16, 2022 237 views

FOR CMA: what is the most difficult thing or situation about your day-to-day as a clinical medical assistant.

I am interested in becoming a clinical medical assistant with an associates in radiation therapy and I would like to know what is a difficult encounter in this field that you may experience day-to-day?

Taylor’s Avatar
Taylor Oct 25, 2016 930 views

How do I become a radiation therapy technician?

I would like to become a radiation therapist but I'm not sure where to start. I know that there are limited colleges offering a radiation therapy major and I'm unsure what the requirements are. #radiological-technician #radiation

Emily’s Avatar
Emily May 15, 2016 821 views

With better cancer medications available, is a career in radiation therapy a good career to get into or is it slowing down?

I am starting college in the fall for pre-radiation therapy. Getting into a radiation therapy program is very difficult as they only take 7 student. So, I know that they are not graduating many therapists per year. Also, there are only 2 universities in my state that even offer the program....

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Darby Dec 17, 2014 1149 views

What major should I look into for radiation therapy?

I'm a senior in high school and I want to know what major to look into to become a radiation therapist. And how many years it requires.

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