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Career Questions tagged Clinical

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Jacqueline Jan 11 405 views

What does a typical day look like for a Clinical Medical Assistant?

I am Currently in school to become a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant.

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K. Aug 15, 2022 236 views

Should I become a Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner or a Clinical Psychologist?

I'm interested in mental health. At first I was set on being an adolescent psychologist, but then I saw mental health nurses practitioner. To become a mental health nurses practitioner, there's less school required (only masters) and it pays equal (if not more than) a clinical psychologist's...

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Zainab May 24, 2022 321 views

How to Ace your Certified Clinical Medical Assistant examination?

Tip and strategies

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Elisa Mar 21, 2022 328 views

Clinical Medical Assistant to Registered Nurse

does anyone have any experience going from CMA to RN? that is the path I am interested in taking but I want to know that it is possible (oppose to doing the CNA to RN route) Any tips or advice on this process? anything helps

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Elisa Mar 16, 2022 238 views

FOR CMA: what is the most difficult thing or situation about your day-to-day as a clinical medical assistant.

I am interested in becoming a clinical medical assistant with an associates in radiation therapy and I would like to know what is a difficult encounter in this field that you may experience day-to-day?

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Caroline Oct 08, 2021 310 views

What colleges / university are good for a clinical epidemiologist or to get a job in healthcare?

I want to go to college close to the state of South Carolina #epidemiology #healthcare #clinical

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Danielle Apr 22, 2021 801 views

What’s a day in the life of a clinical data analyst?

I am a medical technologist looking to get into the field of data analytics, particularly for healthcare and/or clinical research. I am curious what a day in the life of a clinical data analyst is like and what skills you find most important? #data #analytics #clinical #healthcare

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Hilda Dec 01, 2020 350 views

How do you become a medical assistant?

#radiology #radiology-education #medical-education #career-path #health-science #clinical #career-path #career-counseling

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kenley Oct 19, 2020 616 views

what is the average lifestyle for a psychologist

#psychologist #clinical-psychology #moral-psychology #forensic-psychology #psychologist #clinical

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Vanisha Aug 21, 2020 287 views

How are clinical evaluations performed?

#evaluations #clinical

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Lauren Jul 19, 2020 371 views

Which major is easier to apply PhD for international students, clinical psychology or mental health nursing?

I have a B.S. in Nursing and Psychology, and a M.S. in Neuroscience. I want to do a clinical expertise in mental health. And I think these two majors are helpful for me to achieve my goal. I know it's tough for international students to apply this year. I hope you guys could give me any...

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luzadriana Feb 04, 2020 377 views

What are techniques/methods list that you used in your work as Clinical exercise physiologist? Please explain how to you use them?

#physical-therapy #occupational-therapy #physical-therapist

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Megan May 06, 2019 543 views

How to prepare for SLP clinical fellowship year interview?

What are some tips for preparing for a Speech-Language Pathology clinical fellowship year interview? #SpeechLanguagePathology #SLP #interviews #SpeechTherapy #speech-pathology #speech #clinical #fellowship

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Ashley Mar 15, 2019 391 views

How many years does it take to become a CMA

#Clinical Medical Assistant #medicine #healthcare #hospital-and-healthcare #physician-assistant -assistant

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Alexandra Sep 24, 2018 479 views

Looking for advice to a future therapist applying to graduate school

Hello, I would like to get in touch with current professionals within the clinical / counseling / therapy / social work field. I would like to know the pros and cons, challenges, and what an average day would look like!

#social-work #therapy #counseling #clinical #psychology

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Chrishayla Aug 15, 2018 515 views

Would it be a good idea to minor in business with a Clinical Laboratory Sciences major?

I just recently changed my major to Clinical Laboratory Sciences and I would like to pursue my own business as well.
#majors-and-minors # #major #business #clinical

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Olivia Jun 27, 2018 502 views

What minor would be beneficial to pair with pediatric neuropsychology?

#clinical #neuropsych #minor #psychology #neuropsychology #pediatrics #neuroscience

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Dierdre May 14, 2018 698 views

What is the advantage of getting a Masters Degree in Clinical Laboratory Science

I would like to get a #masters-degree in #clinical-lab-science but I want to know what the benefit is over solely having a #bachelorsdegree in -laboratory science #healthcare #research #science #medicine #Clinical

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Chun Mar 20, 2017 666 views

What program am I supposed to choose if I want to learn clinical medicine in university?

There are health science program and pure & applied science in college. Which one should I choose if I want to be a clinical doctor? #medicine #college-major #major #clinical

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Nada Dec 07, 2016 784 views

What are places that give good clinical experience for a high school student?

I am looking into becoming a doctor, more specifically an OB/GYN and I want to know where I can further my experience. #doctor #clinical

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Hashir Nov 02, 2016 930 views

How would I go about getting an entry level clinical research position?

I am looking for an entry level research position that will further strengthen my application to medical school. The only experience I have in research is community health research, but I am trying to find something more clinical or even lab related. Since I am lacking in experience how can I...

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Sabine May 23, 2016 884 views

How do most people enter the clinical psychology profession?

What comes next after a bachelor's degree in psychology? #psychology #clinical

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Sabine May 23, 2016 718 views

What kind of career could I have with a Psychology major?

Interested in the field and seeing the various areas of expertise one can have. Also what types of schooling beyond a bachelor's degree could help? #psychology #law #clinical

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Jian sheng May 13, 2016 808 views

How long does it take me to reach my doctorate degree in psychology? Is it benefical for me to get a Psy. D in psychology or a Ph. D in psychology at the end? Should I double major biology and psychology in college to give myself an edge when applying t

I am going to attend stony brook university in the coming fall to major in psychology. My career aspiration is to become a psychologist or a psychiatrist so I can help people with mental disorders. I don't know whether or not if I should double major psychology and biology or chemistry in...

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Megan Mar 01, 2016 3838 views

Is there any way to combine traveling with being a clinical psychologist ?

I am a senior that recently got accepted into Scripps College under Early Decision. I have a passion for traveling and learning languages, but I am also extremely interested in studying psychology and becoming a clinical psychologist. I am unsure if it is possible to combine traveling and...

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Cynthia May 22, 2015 1002 views

College prep

Hi. When applying to college what courses should I take in order to become a clinical psychologist? From your experience, how hard were the classes you took? #psychology #clinical-psychology #clinical

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Cynthia May 21, 2015 3557 views

Clinical Physcology

What measures did you take when you were in high school/college to go into the field of clinical psychology. #psychology #clinical-psychology #clinical

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Vonceil Apr 02, 2015 1376 views

What type of expertise do I need to get a job in Accounting a good career choice?

What types of jobs in Accounting or marketing are good career choices? #accounting #marketing #clinical

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Frida Mar 17, 2015 815 views

What are the specific steps it takes to become a clinical psychologist?

I want to be able to find out how I can begin to prepare myself for this career. #psychologist #clinical