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What are techniques/methods list that you used in your work as Clinical exercise physiologist? Please explain how to you use them?

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2 answers

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Jeanie’s Answer

Hi! I am not a clinical psychologist I am a leadership coach. I use my background in counseling psychology for much of my foundational work. I learned the theories in counseling (Cognitive Behavioral, Gestalt etc.) to inform my work. I use these to help me listen to what the person is saying and ask them questions that help them understand how they are seeing situations and enable their problem solving. The people I work with are high functioning and as I am not a therapist I don't get into that treatment orientation. I hope this was helpful!
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Dolores’s Answer

Yo trabajo con terapia centrada en objetivos. Lo cual ayuda a las personas a verse a si mismos a futuro con una mejor realidad. Utilizo imaginaciones guiadas en las que las personas pueden ver su problema desde otra perspectiva