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How would I go about getting an entry level clinical research position?

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I am looking for an entry level research position that will further strengthen my application to medical school. The only experience I have in research is community health research, but I am trying to find something more clinical or even lab related. Since I am lacking in experience how can I make myself more competitive or stand out in a pile of resumes. For further context: I have a masters in biomedical sciences and bachelors in mathematics. #medicine #medical #research #medical-school #medical-research #entry-level #clinical #clinical-research

3 answers

Debra’s Answer


Getting an internship or volunteering is a great idea. Most intro research jobs are looking for at least a bachelors in a hard science - biology, chemistry, etc. So with your degrees, you very well may find a position like what you're looking for. Highlight your strengths in relation to the individual position you're looking for including computer skills and/or any kind of data analysis skills or software. And frame your objective on each individual resume you send for the specific position you want.

Thanks Debra! I appreciate your input, especially about tailoring each resume to each specific position. That's a great way to show better interest and understanding for the position for which I'm applying! Hashir Hashir A.

Anh-Hoa’s Answer


volunteer in teaching hospital/medical university/biology lab at undergrad college or university.

Liezl’s Answer

Hi Hashir:

It is important to do your research on Clinical Research. There are many branches, and note that Bench Research is different than Clinical Research. Many times people generalize research into one category. In Clinical Research, one must understand the guidelines of the Code of Federal Regulations.

The FDA site here is a good starting point -- https://www.fda.gov/ScienceResearch/SpecialTopics/RunningClinicalTrials/ucm155713.htm

You can also contact your alumni representative to see if there is a contact for a local hospital that you can possibly shadow a person in the field of interest.

Good Luck.