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How do you balance both college and the 500 hours of shadowing or health care experience needed to get into a successful Physician Assistant program?

After getting my bachelors, I would like to apply to a PA school. PA schools require several hours of on-patient care. So all the while of trying to maintain a 3.5 or higher, I have to become an E.R. scribe or a CNA. #medicine #healthcare #physicians #assistant

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1 answer

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Vicente’s Answer

how much longer till you graduate with your bachelors? and in what? It's impotant to make sure you have preq/'s prior to applying . It might have changed since from my time but what was required of 150 of observation shadowing,

As far as having a high GPA , schools are looking into the applicant as a whole and not focusing on just numbers.
I dont understand regarding working as er tech or cna? is this prior to applying , paying your way through under grad?

Good luck.