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Does Exercise Science fall under the catergory of classes you take for Sports Medicine to become a physical therapist?

I wanted to take exercise science, but not if i don’t have to take it and it not having anything to do with my career pathway
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Rachel’s Answer

Hi Alexas! Each exercise science program is different depending on the school you choose but most of the time exercise science gives you a foundation such as anatomy and physiology, modalities, kinesiology and motor movement etc. that is needed for a physical therapy PhD program. Some schools have pre-physical therapy programs, athletic training or sports medicine that would fit well into continuing your education to become a physical therapist too.

Rachel recommends the following next steps:

Research schools that have programs such as exercise science, athletic training, pre-physical therapy and reach out to the department heads or advisers to discuss career paths within these majors.
Shadow a physical therapist to get an idea of the occupation to ensure it is what you want to pursue.