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What job opportunities are there for a bachelors degree in exercise science/kinesiology?

I am a senior in high school and want to become a Physical Therapist, my undergraduate degree would be in exercise science or kinesiology. After I plan to get my DPT, but if for some reason I don't want to continue my education or life happens after my four years of college I'm interested in what job opportunities I would have with a bachelors degree in exercise science or kinesiology. #college #science #degrees #exercise #exercise-science #kinesiology #phyisical-therapist

I really like this question; it broadens your scope for what can be accomplished with your interests/degrees. Hoping you get a response soon. Ms. M JoAnn MacPherson

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Alexa’s Answer

Are you a sports fan? There are many college sports teams or even some professional ones that would hire you as a physical therapist. You should look into maybe starting off at a lower level, look into college sports teams to see if they would hire you and you can eventually move on to looking at some professional sports teams. You can also open your own business and work personally with different athletes instead of a team. On the other hand, if sports is not much of your thing, there are tons of opportunities to become a physical therapist in rehabilitation centers. You can work with individuals who have succumbed to injuries that make them unable to move freely. Thus, they will need the help of physical therapists to rehabilitate them. I hope this helps

Good luck :)